How to Buy a Party Tent (One)

Party tents are always used on many occasions, public speeches, birthday parties, fairs and large weddings or other gatherings as well as marquees.
Their width and length respectively ranges from 20 to 150 feet and from 10 to 400 feet. White is the most popular color among the variety of colors which makes them more mostly colorful, impressive and very sturdy. Having a good understanding about how to buy a party tent is essential,time-saving and money-saving. Here are some tips for how to buy a party tent.

1. Make clear how big your party tent should be. The size of your party tents depends on the amount of people attending the party and the space available for your party. In general, each party guest needs about 8 square feet of tent space to move around comfortably. Of course, you have to decide the size of the party tent or pop up gazebo in according to the kind of party you are going to hold. For example, 12 square feet per person .would be the best choice for a sit-down party banquet

2. Decide how much you are willing to spend for the party tent. This ingredient depends on your budget as well as the scale of your party. When you making a decision, you can ask some suggestion from your friends or get some references on web site, such as Quictent.

3. Choose the right channels of buying. The phone directory or online shopping would make the whole procedure convenient and simple. But you’d better go to tents or marquee exclusive shops which has good reputation so that you can see what the party tent looks like and obtain useful information from their introduction or reviews from buyers.

4. Decide what type of tents you want. Buy frame marquees or marquee for sale if you want something cheap and practical and if you want to conserve space. Cheap pop up gazebo is a good choice as well. if you if you want to increase space, for example a weeding party, those weeding tents together in U or L shapes would proved to be a fantastic choice.

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