Four Tips on Tent Camping

Good preparation is the key point of a successful camping trip. If you are planning your first camping trip, you will find the following tent camping tips are really useful.

1. Set up your camping tent in your yard.
Be sure you know how to set up the tent before you hit the trail. Then you will have more time to enjoy the camping fun but not to spend lot of time setting up the tent. If you have gone camping several times, set up the camping tent and test it is also important because you should check whether it will leak. No one wants to find out that the roof leaks when they are two days away from the nearest road and a freezing rain is falling.

2. Choose a good campsite.
Set up your camping tent on the even ground is important. Camping on rocks or hard dirt with roots projecting upwards is not only uncomfortable, but also wears out the tent bottom fast. Sleeping on the slightest slope will result in you sliding into your camp mate or into a wall of nylon that may be wet with condensation. Find the most level spot you can, look to see that water will not pool there if it rains, and remove rocks and sticks.

3. Set your tent tight.
If the outer rain fly of your camping tent touches the tent roof or walls, condensation can drip through onto you. Be sure that you tighten all the lines when setting up – especially those on the rain fly. This also prevents the material from flapping in the wind so much, so you will sleep better.

4. Other things you should consider.
Bring some necessary repair materials with you, such as a bit of duct tape. Make sure the tent is large enough for both people and the camping gears. If you go camping with your family and want to have private space, you can buy a mulit-room family tent. Bring a small piece of plastic for a front door mat, and you won’t have to step out into the mud.

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