Differences between Silvox® CT and Silvox® GM in Framework


Silvox®,adopting unique workmanshipthat silvers the high density Oxford, is owned and registered by Quictent. Silvox® fabric is lightproof, waterproof, UV-resistance and fire-resistance to some extent. Silvox® CT and Silvox® GM are two main typical series of pop up gazebo in Quictent. Some people are wondering that they just cannot distinguish the differences between these two products. Hence, here please allow me to illustrate their differences in terms of frameworks.

In the first place, Quictent Silvox® CT series is the flagship series among all pop up gazebo series. It covers all sizes and colors that we have now. Pop up gazebos in this series have a pyramid roof supported by a central pillar (some types have more central pillars)., which is around 60 inches. The symbolic characteristic provides a brilliant way to let raindrops flow down the ground without water stagnation. Meanwhile, literally, this elegant pillar-support pyramid roofing design meets modern aesthetic needs. Two pairs of cross trusses sticking in the central pillar guarantee its stability and durability. Also, each side installs two cross bars to maintain a solid structure and internal corners of the roof cover are reinforced with one more layer.


As for Quictent Silvox® GM series, they are currently only available in 3m x 3m and 3m x 6m. Pop up gazebos in this series have a maximum height of 2.65m supported by heavy duty cross-truss bars. Compared with Silvox® CT series, Silvox® GM series are more common and conventional. Four Oblique upward roof bars offer much vaster space for you. Considering their important function that supports the ceiling, naturally, they need more cares when utilizing. Therefore, tents of Silvox® GM series are not recommended to be used in heavy rainy day, let alone snowy day. In order to construct a tough frame, apart from reinforced layer inside corners of the roof cover, three cross bars are put in four sides to realize this goal.


Two series pop up gazebo cater for different people with different demands. Hope all above can help you understand Quictent Silvox® CT series and Silvox® GM series better during your purchase.

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