Decorate a Tent in Various Occassions

Tents are used for a wide range of purposes, from parties to recreational camping, from shelter to military uses. Among tents, there are marquees or party tents which are very common for festivals, birthday parties, public speeches fairs, revivals, large weddings and gatherings in the garden. Party tent is the best equipment to organize a socializing flow.

Imagine that, in a hot summer afternoon, you’re sitting under a shaded tent, what a wonderful, cool thing. Therefore, party tent is a perfect alternative whatever conditions you’re. As party tents will help you keep guests dry during wet weather or shaded when the sun is directly above, and other weather condition. After you have a tent to provide shade, your guests can freely enjoy your parties without worrying the weather.

Many individuals will choose party tents to hold their festivals, birthday parties, etc. After buying tents, many people would like to decorate it according to different occasions. You can decorate a tent for a party using many themes and in scores of colors and designs.

For birthday parties, there are various themed tent decoration ideas. You can choose a beach birthday, traditional party, or Tuscan-themed party and so on. However, for a young girl’s birthday party, you can consider using a ballerina theme. When decorating the tent, blow up some light pink and white balloons with helium and let them fill up the extra space at the top of the tent. And you also can attach white or pink ribbon to some of them. When guests leave, especially for young kids, tie each one to their wrists. And you can also decorate the four poles of your 3m x 6m garden marquee with colorful tulle.

If it is a graduation party, you can try to aim some spotlights on key focal points in the tent, such as floral centerpieces, a graduation cake or a table displaying the graduate’s diploma. Moreover, stretch a “Class of (year)” banner above the buffet table, gift table, cake or other focal point in the tent.

In addition, you can also cover any tables with a pink or white tablecloth and get matching skirting to put around the table, etc. From lighting and balloons to colorful decorations, a tent can change an ordinary space into a fantastic place.

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