College Students Spring Break Ideas (II)

Spring Break

Spring Break

We have talked some spring break ideas for college students in previous post, we will discusss others in this post.

  • Cruise 
Spring Break Ideas - Cruise

Spring Break Ideas – Cruise

If you want to visit several locations, maybe you should take a cruise, it is the greatest way to go several places and enjoy being on the cruise ship. Except enjoying visiting different places, there are many things you can do on the ship, such as, swimming, dancing, eating delicious food, enjoying a spa, etc. I don’t think you should take this cruise alone, if you have a girl/boy friend, enjoy this cruise with her/him no question. Or ask some best friends to be with you as well as your girl/boy friend. Take a cruise is a lot of run and in many cases is really affordable so look for cruise destinations this spring break.

  • Camping Trip
Spring Break Ideas - Camping Trip

Spring Break Ideas – Camping Trip

For outdoor enthusiasts, the spring break make them get a chance to enjoy themselves in the wild. Are you outdoor enthusiasts? If you are, I don’t think you will miss this chance to have a fantastic camping trip with your family or friends. We have to admit that it is the best time to have a camping trip now, because it is not hot or cold, you don’t need to take too much equipment to keep cold or keep warm. According to the number of how many people will attend your camping trip, take a camping tent with you, maybe a 2 – 3 man pop up camping tent, or a 6 – 8 Man 4 rooms dome family camping tent. Except camping tent, portable camping stove also is one of the necessities, as well as some classic camping stoves accessories, including water heater for frontier camping stove, of course, needn’t the frontier stove tent flashing kit in the spring, so there is no need to consider it.

We just some ideas of spring break, maybe you have some other ideas, you can tell us by leaving a comment. Anyway, have a wonderful and meaningful spring break.

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