Choose a Marquee for Your Wedding

wedding marquee

Ever growing in popularity are Marquee weddings. Whether the Marquee is in your back garden or a farmers field more and more couples are going with the informality of this option. A marquee reception is one important step to ensure your wedding a day to remember. And why to choose a marquee for the wedding?

Wedding marquee features free standing frame structures without centre poles or guy ropes and are supplied with elegant walls and roofs. Usually, it’s white elegant marquee tents, which is an ideal complementary colour to the bride and groom’s attire.

Moreover, garden marquees are flexible enough to feature personalised design features and can be made available for more than one day if you fancy extending your wedding celebrations across a weekend for example. And it is also suitable for partiesand other outdoors events besides the wedding ceremony. As the snow’s gone, the weather’s getting warmer and it’s time for a party. And if your house isn’t big enough to hold a party. Not a problem. Gardenmore can help you createthat much needed extra space.

And wedding marquees for sale from have a large collections of marquees for wedding. You can choose the size according to the number of your guests. There’s at least one marquee that will meet your needs. One of gardenmore’s features of marquee is its large external pole which covers curtains hide frame poles and keep wind out.

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