Buy or Rent Party Tent for Your Family’s Special Days

Buy or Rent Marquees for Family's Special Days

Buy or Rent Marquees for Family’s Special Days

Whether should we buy a party tent for family special days? Or rent one? I think question has plagued many people, so today we will discuss this issue and offer their advantages so that you can make a wise decision.

If you plan to buy your own garden marquees, its advantages are as followed:

  • The marquees you bought will never be booked out, always available, you can use them as you want. You needn’t spend any time to consider which rental company you should choose, just focus on making your party memorable, then take your marquees out of box and set them up.
  • If you are party-lovers, I believe you must know buying your own party tents saves lot of money. It will cost you much more if you use them frequently and you always hiring tents.
  • Besides saving money, you can even make money with your own party tents. For instance, you can your party tents out to friends or colleagues when they are out of use. If you charge them less than the party tents rental companies, it will be a good deal for both of you.


Octagonal 6.8m x 5m Elegant Marquee from Quictent

Octagonal 6.8m x 5m Elegant Marquee from Quictent 

There are a large number of marquess for sale in Quictent, in different sizes, styles, of course, their prices range from dozens of pounds to several hundred pound, you can easily get one suit for your needs and your budget.

If you plan to rent party tents for your garden activities, its advantages are as followed:  

  • The party tents you rent will always be in excellent condition and you needn’t take it into consideration. If there is something wrong with your party tents, the rental company will offer you another one.
  • You needn’t learn how to maintain, clean or repair pop up marquees, it’s the rental company’s duty to ensure the party tents are kept in good condition.
  • Sometimes, marquees Rental Company will give you a hand about decorating marquees, tables or desks if you offer more details about your party, no matter it is a grass wedding, engagement party, or a big get-together.

We have list their advantages above, you can freely make a choice according to your situation. In short, buy marquee party tents if you need to use them frequently; rent marquees if you just use them occasionally.

Get a Quictent Marquee for Your Garden Gathering

X-Large Marquee from Quictent

X-Large Marquee from Quictent

After the long cold winter, it becomes warmer and warmer, many people are planning a garden gathering in their garden or backyard. It comes to garden gathering, the first is that we have to consider the marquees. So we will offer some ideal choices of Quictent marquees or party tents so that you can make wise purchase.

First at all, we have to take the size into consideration.

If you want to get a small marquee for party, many party tents in sizes are available, such as, 2m x 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m, 3m x 6m, 3m x 9m and 4m x 8m. These party tents are perfect for any party or garden gathering; if you are considering making an outdoor space, they are ideal shelters for your outdoor space.

Marquees for Garden Gathering

Marquees for Garden Gathering

If you want a larger one, Quictent stocks a wide range of large marquees to meet your need, for instance, 4m x 10m, 5m x 10m, 5m x 6.8m, 6.5m x 9m, 6m x 8m and 6m x 10m, among them, the decagonal 6.5m x 9m elegant marquee is one of our best sellers, it is also the x-large one, perfect for party, wedding or other garden activity. If you have a big family, maybe you need a large outdoor living space for summer leisure time, this octagonal 6.8m x 5m Elegant Marquee is an ideal choice. You can place chairs, tables, even some garden furniture under its proof, such as, rattan table and chair set, concord 7 pce furniture set, etc.

Next, we have to consider our budget.

Price of Quictent marquees range from £74 to £499, you can easily choose one suit for your budget, your need, even your garden.

The last but not the least, get marquee or party tent from Quictent, you can enjoy 40% discount.

If you are considering getting a garden marquee for your garden activities, now is the time to buy one from Quictent, high quality, but low price, anyway, it is a good deal.

No matter what you are looking for, wedding tent, garden marquee, party tent, or a shelter for outdoor living space, you can get a perfect one from Quictent with 40% discount.

Benefits of Marquees


Investing in a marquee is always a clever decision for your family activities and corporate events. There is no doubt that they provide you a huge number of advantages.

Marquees are suitable in many garden activities, such as, birthday parties, graduation parties which can help you to enhance the size of your venue. And a sense of degree is felt by the people attending the event if you invite them to an occasion where party tents are used. They get attracted by the way the party is decorated and also the large roof interior is a center of attraction for the people. Party tents make your party grand and this is highly desired by the people attending the party.
The majority of marquee tent are waterproof. If there is rain, there is no worries.

They’re quite safe.

They can be folded easily and thus they are called as folding marquee.

They can be installed easily and reinstalled easily.

Most marquees are elegant. The overall beauty of the outdoor party location increased up to a great extent.

Marquee are huge in number. You can choose the small marquees, like 3m x 6m marquee, medium marquees, like 4m x 8m marquee, large marquee for sale in the market. You can choose the marquee you need and in your budget. Furthermore, you’d better prepare a larger marquee than your planed one in order to provide the enough space to your guests.

Except for these advantages, marquees have other advantages. That is why investing a marquee is a wise choice. If you plan to complement the type of events you are planning, except for the marquee tents, you can’t be lack of tables and chairs. At the meanwhile, consider two factors, comfort and space. When it comes to tables, choose depend on the purpose of the event. If you have enough time, you can make some decorations. As table decorations make a huge difference.

Get a Quictent Marquee for Your Garden Activities

Marquee for Garden Activities

Marquee for Garden Activities

The spring is around the corner and it becomes increasing warm. For many people, it is time to hold a party or other activities in the garden. Therefore, you have to consider getting a marquee or party tent for your garden activities

If just for a party, Quictent offers you more choices, such as, pop up gazebos in many sizes and colors, a large range of marquees. If you have many friends to attend your party, you should get a bigger party tent, no question. If so, Quictent large marquees are ideal choice, on the contrary, small party tents is designed for family party, you can easily choose one from so many different sizes, such as, 2m x 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m, 3m x 6m, 3m x 9m, 4m x 8m, and get one suit for you according to the number of your family.

Except party, you also want to have a barbeque gathering in your garden or backyard. Quictent garden marquees also can offer you a shelter and you can carefree enjoying serving your guest under their proof. If you don’t mind the color of tent, in other words, you prefer to tents with bright colors instead of white, pop up gazebos are another wonderful alternative, similarly, more choices, different colors, sizes and styles. Anyway, some of them will steal your heart.

If you just sometimes hold party or bbq gathering in your garden, so you needn’t specially get a party tent for these garden activities, but I don’t think you will refuse to get a pop up canopy and place it in your garden so that you can kill time here. Just a garden gazebo, an air wing hanging hammock, a favorite novel, or just have a nap here, you will have carefree and wonderful afternoon.

The spring is around the corner and your garden activities will begin, too. It is time to get a Quictent marquee for them.

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Outdoor Marquees, Which One Suits You

Marquees are portable outdoor shelter. They are much easier to carry along and also set up. It’s like an outdoor fun combined with home comfort as it acts as a protector of unpredictable weather.

And marquee tents are usually constructed of parts that can easily be used to attach many marquees together, making them more ideal for music festivals and large corporate events. There’re pop up marquee, garden marquee, wedding marquee, folding Marquees, traditional pole marquee, aluminium frame marquees, high peak marquees.

If you are not hosting any big event but only want to camp with your friends, pole marquees is the most suitable. They are for the most part made from canvas, frame marquees are made from a PVC or PE (polythene) material, which is much stronger, easier to maintain and clean, and much simpler to assemble.

If you want to hold some little events, like a bake sale or an advertising stall, pop up marquee is what you need. These are small canopies and highly portable. They are widely used in small scale outdoor events.

Garden marquees are most suitable for mid-size events like birthdays or a casual BBQ. Why to let your guests burn in the sun or get wet in the rain. Rent a garden marquee to have a weather proof party in your garden. They are made from durable fabric supported by rods on all corners for support. Easily erectable in the garden area, you can choose from many patterns and prints available!

If you are a frequent organizer of small stalls and events, folding party marquee is the best option and also the most budget friendly way to go about it. They are small and very convenient to store.

In Quictent, we have decagonal wedding marquee, Octagonal wedding tent. You can find at least one you like.

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