What Is A Pop Up Tent?

A pop up tent is especially designed for setting up in places like beaches. One aspect of it is the colors that are being used for designing it. This is a main point of tent designs because the wrong color for instance can easily ruin the whole camping experience by creating a toasting environment inside it. So when in comes to choosing the right materials and templates F&N(the manufacture) of this pop up tent should receive some credit. Let’s have a look at the other technical details in brief.
Traditional tents that are used earlier can be a lot of hassle. To assemble them, they need to be erected in a frame of poles or attached to a supporting rope. Then if not properly balanced, they get easily destroyed or fall apart. This can be debilitating to campers or hikers, because instead of they are already enjoying their trip, they still spending their time just to have a temporary shelter to rest in.
Today, many tent manufacturers are offering pop up tents to provide ease and convenient for campers and hikers. A pop up tent usually come with a handy case, which makes it comfortable to carry when going outside. It folds up and comes in a small pack and doesn’t used up a lot of space in the car.
There are many types of pop up tents. One of the most popular is the umbrella tent. It is long and thin which makes it easier to carry. It also works just like a typical umbrella. The other type is the coiled tent. This tent has a lightweight carbon frame with complete hinges and springs and can be fitted in a small rounded pack. This tent is just easy to set-up; all you need to do is get it out in its bag and let the thing pop up and expand on its own. Compared to the umbrella tent, the coiled tent is much easier to use although they are smaller.
Anyhow, all in all this is a good product after comparing with other tents out there. As mentioned earlier to assemble it you might need some help from a taller person and if there are some winds around help from someone strong can come in handy too. Other than that this was well worth the price that I paid and if you’re ok with those minor defects I think that this is a decent pop up tent.

Quictents Suggestion: Get a Garden Gazebo and Place it in Your Garden

It becomes warmer and warmer, many house owners begin to decorate their garden. Except that plant some pretty flowers or create an oasis, a gorgeous garden gazebo is also the perfect addition to your garden.

We always decorate our garden with variety of ways, we hope that it can look beautiful, unique and belong to the whole house. A garden gazebo can make your dream come true if you choose one suit for the style of your house. So a garden gazebo is a decoration placed in your garden, it can significantly increase the value of your home.

Do you want to enjoy the bright sunshine but afraid of sunburn? A garden gazebo can solve this problem, it can be an ideal shelter from sun in the summer and fall, and then you can enjoy the bright sunshine in the garden gazebo and don’t need to worry about the hot sun any more.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? If you are, there is no doubt that you should get a garden gazebo and place it in your garden, because it can create an ideal paradise, which can bring you the pleasure you just can get from outdoors, the most important is that the paradise can be enjoyed by all your family members and plenty of friends.

Sometimes, a garden gazebo also is a shelter from rain or other bad weather for your visitors. Maybe this sentence looks strange, you will understand my meaning if I set up an example. Your friend pays a visit to your home, but you are not at home at that moment, what make worse, it begin to rain and become harder and harder, he or she hasn’t any shelter. If you have a gazebo placed in your garden, it can be an helpful shelter for your friend.

With so many benefits, it is wise to get a garden gazebo and place it in your garden. It is more than just a portable gazebo, it is a decoration of your garden, an ideal place you enjoy the pleasure from outdoors, a shelter from hot sun and bad weather. Therefore, you should get one you like from Quictents.

A Portable Garage Protect Your Car from Damage

One of the portable garages’ biggest advantages is that they can offer your car a shelter from the weather, this is something that makes them highly valuable. With the help of portable garage, your love car can be far away from all kinds of bad weather, such as, rain, snow, hail and everything else. Maybe you think rain, snow and hail just are minor points on your car, today we will look at the damage that weather can do to your love car and why using portable is necessary.

  • First at all, we will talk about the damage of rain. Compared to hail, I admit that rain is not a serious problem for your car, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any effect at all. Because rain water is often dirty, highly acidic and it doesn’t get cleaned off quickly. This means that leaving your car’s nice paint job in the rain is a quick way to damage it and make it look rusty and dingy.
  • The next one, we will talk about cold. The cold is very bad for a variety of aspects of your car. One of the main disadvantages is that it can drain your battery which means that you might well get into your car and find it doesn’t start. Except as a shelter of car, a portable garage also can keep your car warm, this point shouldn’t be underestimated by you. At the same time, the cold will make your car slow to start and maybe you will be late in the morning because of this reason.
  • Now, it is ice’s turn. It is worse a little than cold, because it might cause your car to freeze over when it gets sub zero temperatures. This means that your windows and doors freeze over, so maybe you can’t get out of your car and can’t even see in or out. It also can be another reason which may lead you are late in the morning.
  • Hail is the serious one and one of best reasons to get a portable garage. It not only can chip your autoglass, but also can ruin paint jobs and cause ugly dents in your car’s body work. If it is hailing, your car without the protect from garage will be get pummeled.
  • Snow doesn’t damage your car directly, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t cause problems. For example, it can hem your car and make it impossible to dig out. Even if you have a portable garage, you still need to clear a path down the drive, but at least you need‘t to dig out your car with a shovel.

Except protect car from bad weather, we know that a portable garage also can keep car far away from stones, fallen leaves and bird droppings. Pay less, but get more, absolutely, you should get a portable garage for your love car.

What Can We Do with a Pop Up Gazebo?

We always talk about how to choose a pop up gazebo, how to set up a gazeboor how to fold a gazebo, we never talk about what we can do with a pop up gazebo, so today we will talk about this question. In our eyes, pop up gazebos are use as a shelter from bad weather and insects when you are taking a vocation. In fact, a pop up gazebo has a wide range of use, not only limited for shelter, other uses are as followed:

  • If you want to hold a barbeque party at your backyard, it is necessary to have some canopies for such occasions. Your pop up gazebos can meet your needs and you can carefree enjoying serving your guests under their proof.
  • I think you have noticed that some people use pop up gazebos in different trade and market stalls across the city. Although these pop up gazebos are often massive in size and cover a wide area, all of them can protect people’s items or goods that put are being put for sale or demonstrations.  
  • If you like beaches very much, I think you won’t be willing to miss the chance to enjoy the sea breeze in the summer, at this time, pop gazebo can be a idea shelter, it can protect you from harmful sunrays and give you a good shade to relax and feel at ease.
  • Nowadays, people love to exchange vows in an open area where they could have a large gathering. Because pop up gazebos also can be used as party tents, if you want to hold an outdoor wedding, you just need some time to decorate your pop up gazebos, they can totally meet your needs. Not only for outdoor wedding, are they also suit for birthday party.
  • Many charities and fund raising organizations also use pop up gazebos, because no matter what the weather condition is, they still can safely display their pamphlets and brochures under the proof of those pop up gazebos.
  • Are you an outdoor enthusiast? If you are, you won’t forget that pop up gazebo can be a temporary home when you are camping or trekking, do you?
  • It also is a good idea to place a pop up gazebo in your garden during hot summer days and monsoon respectively, it can be a shelter from hot sun.

Now that, pop up gazebos have so many uses, they can used as camping tents, marquees, party tents and so on, we should not hesitate to buy a pop up tent for ourselves. Take actions.

Some Tips about Wedding Tent

Although it is winter now, it will become warmer and warmer. Warm times of the year can help plans for outdoor marriage ceremonies. Many people want to hold an outdoor wedding. If you want to hold an outdoor wedding, the most important is that you should have a wedding tent, maybe it is a marquee, a pop up tent or a gazebo, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate with you, you at least have some place to hold both the ceremony and reception, and also it is a blank canvas for any creative ideas. There are some tips about wedding tent:

4m x 10m Heavy Duty Marquee

1. Choose a weeding tent

Those tips about choose camping tent are not suit for wedding tent, there are some advice about choosing wedding tent. You just choose wedding tent from marquee party tents, most of them are white, so you needn’t to choose color, and you just need to choose the one with your favorite style. Quictents offers many kinds of marquee party tents, maybe you will find one you like.

2. The size of wedding tent.

The size of wedding tent totally depends on how many guests you want to invite and the activities you want to happen under the tent. In other words, the tent only for dining or only for the ceremony? According to the answers to the two questions, choose a tent suit for you.

3. The decoration of wedding tent

 Most of marquee party tents are white, so maybe they look very boring. If you stick with white as your main wedding color, you needn’t to add other colors for your wedding tent. If you want to add some color to your wedding tent, you can make full use of these elements, such as flowers, lighting, candles and stars to decorate your wedding tent. Use your imagination, decorate your wedding tent as you want.

Choose a marquee party tent form quictents and decorate it. May you choose a well – satisfied wedding tent and have a wonderful outdoor wedding.

Quictent Garden Gazebo: Why Need a Garden Gazebo?

Quictent 3m x 3m Grey/Blue Garden Gazebo

Quictent® got more reputation for providing pop up gazebos and marquees, yet Quictent® garden gazebos are also worth to take a look at.

Really happy with this purchase. Delivered really quickly. Easy to eract and folds away really easy too. A neat and handy gazebo which has already seen a fair few BBQ’s and summer is on the way!

A garden gazebos serve to protect you from wind, rain, and sun, allowing you to enjoy your yard and garden however bad weather may be (well, staying in an outdoor gazebo in thunderstorm weather is not really recommended). It is pretty wise to have an outdoor gazebo that can be used at anytime of the year.

A garden gazebo is a perfect place not only for chitchat and sharing intimate moments in your yard and garden, but also for solitary hobbies like reading books, keeping a journal, writing letters, making gadgets and crafts, or needlework. And a garden gazebo is also a great place to have little parties and other various of outdoor activities.

Quictent® has two kinds of garden gazebo that received may be suitable  your garden. They are as quality and cheap as our other products including pop up gazebos and marquees. Check them out on Quictent Official Website.

Quictent 2m Hexagonal Garden Gazebo

This is the best garden gazebo I have ever bought, although it is a little bit more expensive than others. The quality is great and I’m very pleased by the fine workmanship. I have many plants in my garden, so in summer, there’s many bugs, that’s why I bought this gazebo. Great customer services too.

As stated in the description, very easy to put up. Service was excellent and delivered earlier than expected, would recommend the supplier for their promptness in despatching the order – Value for Money

Don’t hesitate to send us a feedback you were once a buyer of these prodcuts.

Introduction for Multi-Room Camping Tents

6 - 9 person large family camping tents are popular in QuictentToday Quictent would like to share some ideas about multi-room camping tents ( the same with multi-room pop up gazebo tents and the multi-room marquee tents)

What are the multi-room family camping tents? From the words, multi-room camping tents mean at least 2 rooms for your tents. If there is nothing dividing your tent space, it is still a single room tent. So generally, multi-room tents have partitions that section off individual rooms, which can be put to various uses besides sleeping.

What’s the function of multi-room camping tents? Multi-room camping tents can afford you privacy and extra storage space, which will make your time out in nature all the more enjoyable. in short, the multi-room tents can provide your more privacy and more space for use.

What’re the types of the multi-room tents? In the early time, the tents that have large ends had been regarded as the multi-room tent, for which they can afford more storage space to use. Now the multi-room tents are also designed and built with seasons in mind. For example, the tents with ventilation can be used to keep cool in the summer; the four-season tents, with stronger poles and adjustable pins to withstand different extreme weather.

How to choose the multi-room tent? there are several points you should consider during your purchasing the tents: what’s the materials the multi-room tents are composed of? What’s the weather that the tent can withstand? How many people the tent can home, and how many rooms you all need? Is it an easy job to set it up? Is it easy to clean and storage? When you have a clear answer about these questions, you would have a good idea about whether the multi-room camping tents are appropriate for you.

The above four points about multi-room tents from Quictent are good for you to decide whether you need to buy a multi-room tent. Quictent would like say here that if you have a multi-room tent, you can make your camping tents travel more enjoyable.