Portable Garages Shelters

Everyone wants to protect their car, but you can’t always be in the safety of your own garage. At this time, you’ll need a portable carport. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of portable garages across the country, Quictent offers you right solutions for any need, for all of those times when you know your precious vehicle will have to be out in the open.

Whether you want to protect your new sports car, or keep your rig out of the elements, we have what you need. We even have the perfect size to protect your outdoor picnic from unplanned rain showers. No matter what you are trying to protect, we can provide you with portable garage tent.

Portable Garage PRO 2.4m x 3.6m x 2.4m - Silvery

Portable Garage PRO 2.4m x 3.6m x 2.4m – Silvery


Portable garages have grown to be a very popular way of outdoor storage of valuables such as for example boats, cars, trucks, RVs, and farm equipment. A portable garage is a structure which typically consists of a structural metal framework (generally round or steel tubing) and a fabric cover. The fabric material usually consists of either polyethylene of PVC (poly vinyl chloride). Both of these components are extremely critical in determining the quality of the garage product.

Maybe, you ever asked this question, are portable garages for real? Most garage owners use these value based alternative structures as permanent or temporary storage for cars, trucks, RVs, boats, garden equipment, & bulk materials. Many consumers are still hesitant to make a purchase due to lack of general knowledge regarding the product. After reading this article, you should at least know that portable garages are for real. Because of the many different variations of garage products that exist, prospective buyers must first understand their individual storage needs & budget prior to purchasing the product.

Shelters for Your Garden Party/Gathering

Shelters for Garden Party/Gathering

Shelters for Garden Party/Gathering

Such fine weather is just right for outdoor activities, do you have some camping plans, barbecue ideas, or just hold some party/gathering in your garden. Although it is neither cold nor hot now, we still take the garden shelters into consideration if we wanna hold a garden party. Therefore, we offer some ideal choices for you so that you can make wise purchase and offer your guests the good shade.

Wooden gazebos are always the best choice. If you already have a wooden gazebo in the garden or backyard, generally speaking, you needn’t consider garden shelters any more except that many people will attend your party and your gazebo can’t hold all the people. In my view, if possible, you should ask a carpenter to build one for you. If really many people will attend your garden party/gathering, you can consider those options will be mentioned.

5m x 5m High Density Woven Garden Shade Sails - Square

5m x 5m High Density Woven Garden Shade Sails – Square

Sail shades also are nice choice. In fact, they are similar to garden gazebo, both of them are used to create outdoor living space, but they are cheap and needn’t any building, just get a sail shade suit for the size of your garden/backyard. There are square and triangle sail shade in various sizes in GardenMore, such as, 5m x 5m high density square woven garden shade sails and 4m x 4m x 4m triangle sail shade, etc. According to the size of your garden or backyard, it is easy to choose one suit for you. Then, place some garden furniture set under its proof, it would be perfect. By the way, if you are barbecue enthusiasts, the 4 seater BBQ fire bowl table, you shouldn’t miss it.

Party tents and garden marquees are designed for garden party/gathering all the time, without any wooden gazebo, there is no doubt that you should consider party tents for your garden party/gathering, absolutely, you should make sure the style of marquees fits the theme of your party, for example, get a luxurious marquee for your kids’ birthday party or light blue pop up gazebo for engagement or wedding party.

10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy with No Sides - Silvery

10′ x 10′ Pop Up Canopy with No Sides – Silvery

Pop up gazebos also are ideal choices if your garden party is informal and just ask friends or family to spend hours together and have a nice day. There are two kinds of gazebos can be chosen in Quictent US, pop up canopieswith sidesand pop up with canopies no sides, both of them are perfect and a jack of all trades, suit for any garden party or outdoor party/gathering, the key is which one you like better.

Get a perfect garden shelter for your garden party/gathering and have a nice day!

Garden Gazebo Ideas

Pop up gazebos are popular for parties, weddings and other functions. Adding a garden gazebo to your home will provide a whole new dimension to your outdoor space and therefore encourage you to spend more time outdoors in a comfortable environment. Every one want to own a cool place in his barckyard when they want to take a relaxation after the lunch. Gazebo provides shelter from the sun, wind and rain.


Quictent provide various elegant garden gazebos for you. The most popular one is 3m x 4.5m pop up gazebo, with a medium size space. And they only will cost you £150 approximately. Of cource, smaller gazebos accommodate few people, while larger gazebos, like 3m x 6m pop up gazebo, are created to hold entire wedding receptions.

However, it’s vital to stake the gazebo down with guy ropes or gazebo feet weights to prevent it from overturning in the wind. Otherwise you may find your gazebo sitting upside down in your neighbour’s garden or blowing into the road.

In addition, you can make a decoration for them by dressing them with garden lighting and see-through netting for special events to create a bright and inviting gazebo.

Adding some colourful flowers add zest and vitality to a gazebo. Terra cotta, stone or hanging planters overflowing with assorted flowers in reds, yellows and oranges bring cheerful life to a gazebo. And furniture are well-suited choices of decoration for the gazebo. The size of your garden gazebo will determine selection of specific furniture pieces. A wooden benches, coffee table and two chairs create an arrangement conducive for conversation and relaxation.

Difference Between Garage and Carport

Most people know that how important garden carports and garage are for the safety and security of the cars. Howeer, many people mistake carports for garages and vice versa. Do you know they’re different? You must know that there is a difference between the two carport and garage.

Although both are for the spend of vehicle parking, the structure of each differs. A carport is a temporary carport. It is a semi covered structure that is designed to park cars and to provide limited protection to them. They are mostly open from two sides. A carport is a cost effective way to provide protection to one’s car from the elements such as rain, wind and scorching heat from the sun. It is much easier to build a carport, and it is much cheaper too. It may be collapsible. You can go it around in any position you glance fit. For example, a portable carport, just as its name implies, is portable. No matter you go camping or be in the garden, you can set up your carport anytime and it won’t take you much time.

Portable Garage PRO 2.4m x 6m x 2.4m PVC

While, a garage is a permanent structure. It is usually permanently built with brick and mortar and is a part of the house. It cannot be broken down into pieces for storage. It has walls on three sides, and a shutter or a gate on the front side to allow for entry and exit. It has proper lighting conditions and electrical wiring. One can lock the doors of his garage and rest assured about the safety of his cars when he goes out. Hence, a garage is much safter, is an integral share of your house as a whole. Renovating it will add value to your property while renovating or fixing up your carport will not.

Generally speaking, a carport provides shelter to a car just like a garage, but in terms of safety and security, a garage is far more superior. A garage tent is a room built with mortar and concrete having three walls and a door, and it is a part of the house whereas a carport is like an awning and is open from two sides. A garage is more expensive than a carport that can also be erected easily and in a fast manner.

Garden Spring Activities or Games

Spring is green grass, various colorful flowers blossom, warm sunshine, chirping birds, fresh air and muddy little footprints all over the house. How do you plan to celebrate it? The garden BBQ idea is the best choice. Take with a BBQ grill and begin your spring barbecue trip. If you’re planning to buy one, here’s a recommendation for you, 5% Discount on All Fire Pits and Chimineas in Astove, you can visit www.astove.co.uk, to choose what you like. There’s a large collections of fire pits/fire bowls and BBQ chiminea.

However, except for the grill, if you want to make an unforgettable spring and enjoy the spring fully, you can’t lack of a garden shelter. Celebrate the spring with great outdoor garden ideas not only the barbecue. There’re other outdoor games with your friens or kids. Build a play center for them so that they can play under a cool garden gazebo or party tent  in the backyard.

Moreover, blowing bubbles never seems to lose its charm for little kids. You can do like this, to start, stir 2 tablespoons of tempera paint or 15 drops of food coloring into a 1/2-cup of bubble solution. Then tape a large piece of paper to a fence or between two trees and have your child blow the bubbles against it. The end result will likely be more about the process than the final product, however, your kids’ll like to watchthe bubbles hit the paper and burst into vibrant circles and splatters. Do you feel it sound interesting? Teach your kids right now.

And have you every play the elbow tag game, which the quirky rules for this fast-moving version of tag add to much fun. Shoe-pile scramble, make a splash especially in a hot afternoon, hose head, mom (or dad) calling, etc.

Garden Gazebo – Wooden Gazebos and Metal Gazebos

A garden gazebo is a wonderful way to accent your garden. Gazebo should blend in with nature and is in perfect harmony with it. Imagine being able to walk along the path between the koi pond and the flowers, the hedges and the willow tree, pausing to rest on a bench under a shelter. Its shade will comfort you, and its architecture will add that special geometric touch to your garden, striking the balance between nature and humanity. No matter what the environment of your garden, there is a garden gazebo from Quictent suit you.

wooden gazebo

For the gazebo styles, there’re wooden gazebos and metal gazebos.

Wood is available in pine, cedar, and redwood. Pine is the softest wood, ages to a rich yellow, and complements surrounding evergreens. Cedar is higher in overall sturdiness, is less prone to rot, and ages to a gray-brown.

When comes to the metal gazebo, another gazebo will be mentioned, that is steel gazebo. As most metal gazebos are available in aluminum, or steel and iron. However, among the aluminum tents, steel tents and iron tents, steel and iron tent are definitely more expensive than aluminum tent. While, aluminum is lightweight. However, most human beings choose the steel or wrought iron even though their high price. What’re reasons?

Most consumers may be think that steel and iron aren’t prone to be damaged by vandalism. If you’r looking for a considerably more permanent structure, steel gazebos are considered the more permanent structure.

No matter wooden or metal gazebo, they’re a very good investment for you, which brings more comfort and fun into your garden and add beauty and decoration to your garden landscaping,and they vary in different sizes and shapes.

Looking for more gazebos, welcome to


Why Should You Have a Garden Gazebo in Garden/Backyard

Garden Gazebo

Garden Gazebo

It becomes warmer and warmer, we can hold some activities in garden/backyard, at this moment, a garden gazebo becomes a must for every family if you have a garden or backyard. Therefore, we will talk about why we should have a garden gazebo in garden/backyard and garden gazebos’ advantages, no matter it is a permanent gazebo or portable garden gazebo.

At first, garden gazebos can be utilized as a delightful workplace space.

With wireless connections, your gazebo also can be another workplace, furthermore, in the garden, the view is got to be better, fresh air and sunshine can make you really feel better than working in the study. If you have the chance, why not try working in garden gazebo? A desk, chair and filling can be added to your gazebo to make it into the ultimate property workplace. Then place some plants around the gazebo, this will make the transition from the outdoors garden to the inside workplace blur, moreover, also generate a lovely atmosphere to function in.

Secondly, a garden waterproof gazebo also can be your kids’ den.

You can decorate your gazebo by adding outdoor cushions and favorite toys and other things in lots of vivid colors, to make it become a great spot for your kids. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on them.

Thirdly, you also can use your gazebo to product a wonderful space for relaxing. With sheer curtains, orchids, candles, calming paintings and statues, etc, you can create a fantastic outdoor living space for summer leisure time.

Fourthly, a garden marquee is a perfect shelter for your garden activities.

When the weather is warm, there is nothing better than to eat outdoors, or just drink a cup of coffee there. Except eating or drinking with family, you may want to hold some party or bbq gathering in spring or summer. If you plan to hold a party for your little boy or girl, or have a bbq gathering, etc, your garden marquees are perfect shelters from sun and wind, you can carefree serve your guests under its proof. It doesn’t matter that your gazebo is a permanent gazebo made from wooden or just a pop up gazebo, both of them are perfect for your garden activities.

We just list some of garden gazebos advantages, maybe you know some others you can tell us by leaving a comment. With so many advantages, that’s why you should have a garden gazebo in garden/backyard.

We just discussed gazebos advantages, but didn’t pay any attention to what kind of gazebo you should erect in your garden/backyard, we will talk about this topic in next post.

Why to Choose the Outdoor Garden Shelter

How about lying on a chair in a sunny warm afternoon after having lunch? Take a nap when you’re tired under a garden pop up canopy. These’re wonderful things.

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo 

However, with the unpredictable nature of the weather, it’s always best to have a backup plan. What is the backup plan? They are garden shelters. Marquees and gazebos are ideal for protection from both the wind and rain, and heat of the day. With an outdoor portable pop up canopy, you can guarantee that you’re going to get the most from your special occasion or event, no matter what you have in mind. And the most important thing that a canopy bring us is that it create a brand new different atmosphere wherever they are erected.

Moreover, if you’re a family that loves barbecues and entertaining guests frequently, a garden marquee or gazebo can add much-needed hours to an evening on the lawn. Whether you’re entertaining at your own home, a friend’s or a nearby park, this easy and hassle-free setup is ideal. Set up a table underneath for dinner, take a BBQ with garden fire pit with grill and create a central focal point outside the home.

Except for these advantages, shelters are also useful if you have little kids and children in the house, and wish to give them some outside time in the garden, but want to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. You can create a small play centre in an external area and let them have the time of their lives in your garden.

In a word, if you’re looking for a little extra defense against the elements or the perfect addition to an outdoor event, you’re looking for a portable shelter.