How to plan a family reunion

Careers, business, household tasks, and extra activities are playing contributing factors in the busy and hectic lives of the contemperary families. And now more and more family time together has a tendency of landing on the back burner in all of the chaos and disarray. So that lots of human beings are finding activities that can make for family fun, and help bring your family closer and closer? Here is a nice idea, you might as well have a try, family party or reunion.

Family reunions are parties held to celebrate a family history and encourage learning about a family’s roots and branches. Reunions encourage and strengthen relationships with extended family. For young adults and children, they can hear firsthand stories from older generations, giving them a personal sense of history. Family reunions can be enjoyable events with many happy memories, but they can also be overwhelming for those involved in the planning.

When planning a family reunion party, it’s vital to choose a right theme. Knowing your budget and number of guests will help you choose a theme. And here’re some steps you can follow when choosing the party theme.

-Assess the family.
-Involve the family.
-Get inspired.
-Stay creative.
-Stick to the budget.

Of course, celebrate a festive occasion with the use of a party tent or garden marquee for entertaining your guests. A party tent provides enough and additional space for gathering and for food or entertainment as an extension of your home in the outdoors.

Furthermore, you can’t forget about the games. One common problem amongst families, particularly those who struggle with the distance between them, is a lack of communication. So talking is the main method of communication in families, and although it is not a fun activity, it is something that can most definitely bring your family closer. Test your family’s vocabulary when you give them a pre-printed sheet of paper with either family names or home towns on it. Get your family moving and plan active, outdoors games for your next family get together. Play musical chairs by setting up a circle of chairs with one less than the number of guests playing.

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Card Games Appropriate for Gatherings in the Marquee

Marquee Story

With the huge development of modern world, more and more people tend to living a relaxing life, in terms of it, I think of something indispensable, such as Travel, Camping, BBQ, Party, even Wedding.  Many young people and fashion people like the life style and choose one of them in their spare time.  Wedding seems like a tendency in the modern life. Of course, a pole marquee or pole tent is indispensable. We need to understand them.

A pole marquee or pole tent is a variety of  large tent often used to shelter summer events, such as shows, festivals, and weddings. They are particularly associated with typical English country garden weddings.

The simple design has changed little in hundreds of years. A pole marquee consists of a roof canopy supported by tall center poles (“king poles”) tensioned using side lines connected to ground pins (or stakes) and smaller supporting poles (“side poles”). The king poles support the bulk of the weight, while the side poles give the fabric shape.

Originally,they were manufactured from cotton canvas covers, wooden poles, and hessian rope hut they have been largely replaced with more modern materials. The introduction of modern fabrics extends the shelf life of the marquees, as they are far more easily maintained. Canvas marquees are still available. Canvas is more breathable, allowing for lower temperature and humidity inside the marquee; such as marquee is more comfortable in hot summer weather while remaining water in the event of rain.

How to estimate the size of your party tent?

Party Tent

With it become warmer and warmer, more and more people want to hold an outdoor party. So it is necessary to choose a party tent for your party. When you decide to buy a marquee, a pop up tent or gazebo, the size is the most important element except price. So today we offer some tips about estimate the size of the party tent you need, they are as followed:

1. Estimate the number of your guests will take part in your party and you’d better allow a margin of error for guests who maybe can’t get there.

2. Because different type of seating needs different room, so determine the type of seating. Generally, we think each gust needs about 8 square feet of tent space to move around comfortably, if it is a sit-down party banquet, it will be 12 square feet.

3. If you choose a party tent for wedding ceremony, so allow enough room for a head table.

4. When you are estimating the size, please take the dance floor into consideration, generally, every guest need 3 square feet of dancing space. Although not all the guests will utilize the dance floor, make sure there is enough room if all of them choose to use the dance floor.

Party Tent

5. If you also want to set a disc jokey table, equipment, band or stage, so also leave some room for it. A 10-by-10-foot space is enough for most disc jockeys, but the room for bands totally depends on the number of the band’s members and instruments, so they need more.

6. What service you will provide to your guests, a plated meal or buffet service? Because you need a table for the food and room to form a line, buffets need more space under the main tent. While you need a second marquee to accommodate the equipment and food if you choose to offer plated service.

7. You also can set a gift table or open bar at your party, just need to leave about 100 square feet for a gift table and more square for the bar.

 Make sure your gazebo is big enough to accommodate the party guests and the other party items you want to have at your party. If you take all the things mentioned above into consideration, you will make it. May you have a successful and wonderful party.