Best Value for pop up gazebo

If you need a pop up gazebo, you may have a budget of anything from 40 pounds to several thousand pounds so it pays to be sure you get the right one (size, quality, price etc) or you will find you are wasting your money.

The most essential step is to decide what your pop up gazebo is going to be used for. For example, is it for domestic or business use? Is it for regular use or occasional use? Does it have to be of a specific color? Does it have to be branded with a business’s logo? What area does it have to cover? Does it have to be open to enable folk to walk freely in and out or does it have to have side walls and an entrance to make it weather proof? Once you have answers to the above, find and buy the gazebo which range, size and style are best for your specific needs.

With regard to value for money, you should remember that a garden gazebo only represents good value if the shelter itself is suitable for its end use. If a fifty pound shelter will last only a handful of uses and need to be replaced, then you have wasted your money. For the majority of people, a shelter will only be needed for a few days of the summer for eating in the garden. In these cases, a cheap gazebo probably would be decent value for money – it erects very quickly, protects from the weather, and stows away into a small, compact holder. However, these cheap gazebo will only last a couple of summers before the material fails or the metal frame buckles or twists.

There is additionally the issue of what you get in the instant gazebo pack – the very cheap gazebos will not normally have walls or a fixing kit, they will typically simply come with the frame, the cover and a carry bag. That’s fine if this is all you need but the majority of people, even domestic users, need a gazebo that’s a bit sturdier and more weather proof like water proof and UV proof. If that is what you need, you can consider one from, whose pop up gazebo not only water proof but also UV proof.


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