Sail Shade- The Fantastic Shelter of Your Outdoor Space

Sail Shades for Swimming Pool

Sail Shades for Swimming Pool

It becomes increasingly warm, there is nothing more pleasant to drink a cup of coffee or a cool drink with your spouse in the outdoor living space. However, it is because of hot summer day, we have to consider the shelter of outdoor living space. Of course, there are many choices you can choose from, such as, wooden gazebo, metal gazebo with sides, sail shades, etc. About detailed information, you can refer to Several shelters for making outdoor living space, we will talk about sail shades in this post today.

A shade sail is an outdoor cover usually tensioned from three or more comers to provide protection from the sun and the fact that they are a tension flat membrane similar in form to a ship’s sail gives them their name. Sail shades offer us cooling shade and protection from the elements, they also can add beauty to an otherwise stark building design.

There are some places where garden sails could be incredibly useful, and add special beauty to them, they are as followed:

  • Personal home swimming pools
  • Outdoor eating break areas
  • Your outdoor living room
  • Car parking spaces
  • Patio
  • Lawn

Absolutely, sun shades also can be used in public area, such as:

  • Public and school pools
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Employee break areas
  • Outdoor shopping centers
  • Tennis courts
  • Bus and train stations
  • Basketball courts
Square Sail Shade for Outdoor Living Space

Square Sail Shade for Outdoor Living Space

As individual users, we just need to know sail shades’ household purposes. Next, we will offer some instructions so that you can make a wise purchase.

There are many kinds of sail shades available in different colors, deigns, shapes and sizes, there are some differences between different shade sails’ materials, among them, weather-proof shade sails are very durable and can withstand any weather, so they can keep a place cool and dry no matter what the weather is. You can get one from weather protection stores in very affordable prices, of course, you also can get one from some trustworthy online store, such as, Quictent. Then according to the size of your outdoor space, choose the one with right size. For example, there are many sail shades available in various sizes and shapes, such as, 5m x 5m shade sails, 4m x 4m shade sail, shade sails square and sail shade triangle, etc, know more about them, you can visit:

Anyway, may you make a wise purchase and get a perfect shelter for your outdoor living space.

Get a Hammock, Every Gardener’s Dream

garden hammock

For those lazy sunny summer afternoons, lie back in a cotton rope double garden hammock bed , sip an ice cold drink and turn the pages of that hot novel, what a wonderful thing. Do you expect such days?

Moreover, can you imagine that, what’s a garden without a hammock to nap in? Every gardener wants a hammock, do you think so? Spring and Autumn can give us warm days as well, so your hammock can be used for many months of the year.

However, the problem is, not everyone knows how to choose, buy and use a hammock. Well, first, let’s make a brief introduction about hammock.

Types of Hammock

The traditional hammock is slung between two convenient trees in the garden, like this ivory white color fabric hammock in But, how many people have the forethought 20 years ago to plant the trees in the right place?

If your trees don’t behave and are in the wrong place, then the ideal solution is a garden hammock stand. The stand can be moved anywhere, so you can follow the sun around the garden as the day meanders on. With a hammock stand, you can find these either in metal or wood. The latter will be more expensive and heavier to move around, but provides that extra level of luxury.

How to Choose a Hammock

Without knowing the quality of the hammock you are investing in, there is no way of knowing whether not it’s durable or whether it’s comfortable. Not all hammocks are created equally to say the least. In fact, this is an understatement. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is equally as valid today as it was at the turn of the (21th) century.

More garden hammocks, you can view here:

Buying Guide for Portable Garage Shoppers(II)

2.5m x 3m x 2.3m Portable Garage

2.5m x 3m x 2.3m Portable Garage

We talked about the size of portable garage in last post, we will talk about other aspects we should consider when we are shopping for garage.

Secondly, we have to consider what it made from, including, frames, covers, etc.

As known to all, the materials of garage tent concerns its durability, weight and cost, so it is essential that you should pay attention to them and choose the proper one.

1) Frames

Because portable carports are created with an emphasis on light-weight durability, most of garages are fitted with steel structure because of its remarkable resilience. When facing with portable garages in different brands and prices, the best way to figure out those better ones by comparing the diameter of steel made use of to construct the framework. Generally speaking, the bigger the diameter of steel tubes, the stronger and sturdier the garage tent will be.

2)  Covers

2.7m x 5.1m x 2.3m Portable Garage for Car

2.7m x 5.1m x 2.3m Portable Garage for Car

Normally, the covers of temporary garages are made from polyester or polyethylene, while polyethylene is the favoured material, just like portable garages from GardenMore are made from polyethylene, know more, you can visit: If you have some special requirement, for example, you also want to get a fire-resistant portable garage just like shopping a fire-resistant gazebo, you also should take it into consideration.

Thirdly, we have to take the budget into consideration.

We have talked about size and materials, we have to think about budget. I know many people think we should consider budget firstly, I don’t agree with it, because once you know much about their sizes, materials and the differences among them, you will know how much money you should spend on this temporary garage and get the one with high quality and can meet your needs.

Generally speaking, the prices of portable carports rang from brands, materials and sizes, take GardenMore as an example, the prices are range from £180 to £380, in different size, shapes, weights, diameter of steel tubes, etc, you just need to choose the one suit for you.

Anyway, with these instructions about portable garages and how to choose, may you get a perfect one for your vehicles.

Backyard Gazebos, Perfect For Summer Entertaining


When it comes to relaxing outside, we like to think of a gazebo as the perfect backyard getaway. Whether you’re looking for a sunny spot to entertain or just want to sit down and take in a beautiful day, a gazebo is all about creating a comfortable place where you can enjoy the outdoors.

Gazebo is often added to decorate your private garden; it can be used as a party spot where you can put table and small chairs on it. Furthermore, With a few simple decoration, like adding a wind chime or flower pot, and you can turn an ordinary gazebo into a calming space that’s all your own.

Pop up gazebos are also very useful during a private garden wedding party, where you can treat the gazebo as your altar. There are lots of garden gazebo ideas that are now available in various model and design, some of them are made from wood while the other are made from metallic material. Let’s see some of the gazebo ideas which might suit your garden.

For a wonderful summer, there’re some types of Quictent gazebos for sale with various colors and sizes which you can choose. From 2m x 2m pop up gazebo, 3m x 3m gazebo to 3m x 6m pop up gazebo, we’ve rounded up 3 different colors of gazebos that are may spark you some ideas for summer about garden. Looking for ideas to get your own gazebo ready for summer? Look at here.

3m x 3m red Anti-UV Pop Up Gazeboa3m x 4.5m Blue Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo3m x 6m White Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo

These red, blue and white pop up gazebos with sides are all elegant gazebos. Summer is a color season. There three charming color is quite suitable for your summer garden.

Quictent pop up gazebo – Portable, Waterproof and Flexible. With high quality and various colors, whether you’re planning a wedding, barbecue, birthday party or summer fete, the Quictent Pop Up Gazebo is the first place to look for a Quality Solution that won’t break the budget.

Buying Guide for Portable Garage Shoppers(I)

Portable Garage for Storing Vehicle

Portable Garage for Storing Vehicle

You probably knew about the popularity of portable garage when you determined to buy one, buy you might not have understood what you should purchase. If you have some trouble figuring out which model is the appropriate one for you, you can read this buying guide quickly and know more about your options, then make a wide purchase.

First at all, consider the size

Choose the temporary garage with proper size, it sounds a little bit daunting, while it isn’t really not that complicated if you take the three things mentioned below into consideration.

1) How many automobiles do you want to protect?

There is no doubt that you should know how many cars, boats, or ATVs you have to secure and also take the space each one needs into consideration, moreover, if you plan to store more than one auto in the portable garage canopy, you have to ensure that there are enough space to steer. Absolutely, there is no regulation regulating how much space you should set aside for each and every automobile, but the space you should leave should vary from the size and sort of the automobile, for example, a watercraft attached to a trailer will need more space than an automobile or vehicle. In addition, your individual preferences also should be considered.

2.4m x 6m x 2.4m PVC Portable Garage

2.4m x 6m x 2.4m PVC Portable Garage from GardenMore

2) What the size of the vehicle(s) you want to store?

 No matter how many cars you want to store, one or five, but you need to understand that the size of the cars should be below your garage gazebo. Although you needn’t know these cars’ precise dimensions, at least, you know more or less what they are, and leave enough space among them to steer. Besides, you also need to consider the height of the tallest vehicle you plan to store so that you can get a portable carport with sufficient clearance.

3) Where do you want to place the portable garage? What is its size?  

It is essential that you should choose a place for your portable carport before you starting your shopping. By choosing space for garage, you will know how much space you have for place carport and also take the logistical issues you’ll have to operate into consideration. Ensure your garage can match conveniently into the region you’ve decided on for it, not merely virtually have the ability to press in to it.

Today, we just talked about size of portable garages, we will talk about other aspects you should consider when shopping for a garage in following posts. By the way, there are many fantastic portable garage for sale in GardenMore, you can check here, maybe you will find the one for you.

Shade Sails Make Your Garden Charming and Cool

triangle sail shade

I believe that, without question, nobody would like to stay at the hot garden in the summer sun. The summer is coming soon, if you want to find the easier way to enjoy the cool and make your back yard more inviting, what would you do? Maybe some of you would think of heavy duty pop up gazebos, wedding marquees for sale and so on. As a matter of fact, there is an easier way to make your garden more charming and cool. Shade sails will give you a bigger shade in the garden, which will make you enjoy the cool comfortably in the hot summer.

The summer is coming soon, if you want to find the easier way to enjoy the cool, sun shades or shade sails will be your good alternative. Lightweight, easy-to-use and cost-effective, they are ideal for covering pools, picnics, garden tea parties or any other outdoor events. In addition, shade sails can not only protect you from harmful UV rays, but also reduce temperatures under its shade area. There is no doubt that it will be a good alternative for you to have a good rest in the garden. If you do not want to go on the outdoor, you can assemble a sun sail in the garden to provide shelter and shade for you. That is easy and comfortable, why not?

Triangle 5m High Density Woven Shade Sails

From the definition from Wikipedia, we know that, shade sails use a flexible membrane tensioned between several anchor points. While generally installed permanently, they are cheap and easy to set up. Furthermore, they are usually provided above public gathering places such as seating areas and playgrounds in countries where strong sun radiation makes prolonged stays in the open sun unpleasant or dangerous due to sunburn and skin cancer risk.

Garden sails were developed in Australia over 30 years ago to provide effective and versatile protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. They have proved so successful there. However, nowadays, they’re becoming more and more popular around the whole world.

How to Get the Best Pop up Gazebo?

Quictent Pop up Gazebos for Activities

Quictent Pop up Gazebos for Activities

It is warm enough to have some garden activities or camping trips now, at this moment, a pop up gazebo can give you and your guests a good shade. While there are too many different kinds and types of pop up gazebos for sale in the market, so the question is how to get the best one? It is the tough question annoyed many people, therefore, today we will talk about this question and offer some tips for you.

We have to admit that there is no best pop up gazebo, the one suits for you is the best. So how to get the best one? There are some questions can help you get the right one for you, they are as followed:

How much money do you want to spend on this gazebo?

As known to all, a large range of pop up gazebos is available in various prices. If you set a budget for your gazebo, this will help you to narrow the field. While how much you spend on concerns its quality, so make sure that your budget can afford a nice gazebo which suits for your need and get it from an incredibly shop.

What do you want to do with this pop up gazebo with sides?

Although we know that pop up gazebo with sides are totally a Jack of all trades, you can used it as a shelter to offer a good shade for garden parties, picnics, weddings, BBQs and any other event that is planned on open air. About other uses, you can refer to get a Quictent pop up gazebo, get an all-purpose tent. Clearly know your needs can help you get a gazebo with proper size, for example, if you just want to have one to offer shade for your children in the padding pool, a 2.5m x2.5m gazebo can totally meet your needs, while if you want to get one for your BBQ party or garden activities and many people will attend it, at the moment, a 3m x 4.5m pop up gazebo or 3m x 6m gazebo would be better, etc. Anyway, choose the one suit for your needs.

3m x 4.5m Pop up Gazebo
What is the gazebo made from?

We know that how much you spend on the gazebo concerns its quality and materials. So what the gazebo made from also is an important aspect. Generally speaking, portable gazebos are made from plastic, aluminium or steel, steel gazebos are the most durable but heavier than those made from aluminium. If you needn’t to take it everywhere, there is no doubt that you should get one with steel structure, while if you want to get one for camping or BBQ trip, an aluminium gazebo is an ideal choice.

The covers of your gazebo shouldn’t be ignored, at least, the covers should be heavy duty and waterproof in case that you meet bad weather.

About whether you should get a pop up gazebo with no sides or not, it totally depends on your needs and preference.

With these instructions and tips, I think you must be confident and you will get a perfect pop up gazebo.

Why to Choose a Pop Up Gazebo With Sides

Do you own a pop up gazebo in your garden? If yes, is it a pop up gazebo with sides or no sides? From the sale performation of a tent site, it shows that Americans prefer pop up canopies with no sides and the European prefer pop up gazebos with sides.

The great thing with a pop up gazebo with sides is that it is easy to assemble. You only need a short to get it erected. Even with out its side panels, you can still assemble it. This kind of canopies are fixed to main body frame by zips. It’s quite easy to assemble the sides to its main body. And you can do all these things even by yourself. Besides, another quite important reason is that pop up gazebo with sides can prevent the heavy wind and rain from you.

Furthermore, because they’re all portable gazebos with sides, the portability is guaranteed. You can set it up in the place as you like in your garden.

Many human beings use the gazebo so they can be outside when it is raining. For this reason, you should make sure the tent top is waterproof. Examine the material to see how thick it is, as flimsy fabric could rip or tear easily. For instance, high quality 420D Oxford Fabric Silver Cloth is waterproof and UV resistant. The majority of Quictent tents are waterproof and UV resistant, even more, some’re fire resistant.

As to the tent sizes, think about what you want to use a pop up gazebo for. This can help you decide what size you might need. A small might be around three feet (0.92 m) long and wide. Larger ones can be approximately three feet (0.92 m) wide and six feet (1.83 m) long. Smaller gazebos are ideal for people to sit under, while bigger ones work well for picnicking. A 2.5 gazebo is a nice alternative. For large gazebos, there’re 3m x 4.5m gazebos and 3m x 6m gazebos.

More pop up gazebo with various colours, welcome to

Have a Couple Camping With Your Spouse(II)

Have a Couple Camping With Your Spouse

Have a Couple Camping With Your Spouse

We talked about those tasks for single or couple in last post, today, we will offer some instructions and tips for your couple camping. There are several questions followed, you can ask yourself when you are planning a camping trip with your lover, you can easily answer those questions, naturally, you have make full preparation for your camping.

1. How many days do your camping last?

When you are planning a couple camping, the first question you have to consider is how many days your camping will last. This is an important question, because food and clothes you should take should be depended on the days of your camping. Tell your family and friends your camping plan and when you start your camping and when you will come back so that your family can send people to find you if you don’t get home on time.

2. Where is your camping site?

I don’t recommend that you choose a totally new camping site. In my view, you should choose a location which is catering for both of your needs, or some place which is special to both of you also is an ideal choice, or a place near rive or waterfall. Once you have several choices, then do some search on those locations, such as, are there snakes, bugs, mosquitoes or poisonous plants? If there are, you can change your destination or take some equipment to keep them out.

3. What should you take with you?

This is a long story, because what you should take contain too many things, including, camping tent, food, groceries, utensils, clothing, sleeping bag and padding, etc.

  • Camping tent: There is no doubt that you should take a 2 man pop up camping tent, which is perfect for couple camping and small family camping trip. Are you hammock lovers? If you are, you also can have a hammock camping or just take a hammock for leisure time, a portable hammock with pillow for two adult is fantastic for your couple camping.

    Camping Tent for Couple Camping

    Camping Tent for Couple Camping

  • Food: If you plan to have a several-day’s couple camping, I think you should take utensils to cook food instead of ready-to-eat foods, while ready-to-eat food is perfect for one-day-camping. Anyway, according to your situations, make the best choice.
  • Groceries and utensils: If you plan to cook yourselves, there are necessities you should take, such as, portable camping stove, utensils, charcoal BBQ, etc. About portable camping stove, classic portable outdoor frontier is perfect, you can use it to boil water or cook food, while for car camping trip, a portable gas cooker stove also is wonderful. Are you avid barbecuer? If you are, you can take a portable charcoal BBQ to roast those foods you like, just like this Landmann piccolino portable charcoal barbecue, which is perfect for your couple and can offer enough food for you.
  • Clothing: We should prepare for all type of weather by bring along warm and waterproof clothing, after all, we can’t predict weather.
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping padding: Take them with you to make you sleep comfortably
  • Portable garage for your car: In my view, a car camping trip can make you take more camping equipment and make your trip perfect, while don’t forget to take a portable garage for your lover car.
  • Others: In order to make your leisure time more interesting, you can take some books, cards, or other things. Camera also is an essential digital product you should take with you. Want to have make it more romantic, you need to take time to make prepare for it and give your love a surprise. About surprise, I have no professional advice, you can do it as you want.

4. What can you do when you’re camping? 

Couple Camping Instructions

Couple Camping Instructions

There are some things you can do with you lover for preference, they are as followed:

  • Have a walk at midnight (choose a sunny, you may watch stars with your spouse)
  • Pick beautiful flowers for your lover
  • Constantly give your partner compliments
  • Find quiet place to watch stars
  • Vow your everlasting lover under the stars
  • Go no romantic picnic together
  • Fall sleep with your lover in your tightly arms

With these instructions, may you have a fantastic couple camping with your lover.

Have a Couple Camping With Your Spouse (I)

Couple Camping

Couple Camping

Are you outdoor enthusiasts? Or have you experienced couple camping with your spouse? If you haven’t, you should have a try. Couple camping is a great way to get to know each other and build your relationship, at the same time, it also is a fantastic, memorable and romantic dating experience. Do you want to have a couple camping with your lover? If you want, this post is for you, we will offer some tips and instructions about couple camping.

For a successful couple camping, a male at least can do those things followed:

  • Drive and pack a car
  • Map reading and driving directions
  • Make a fire at your camping site
  • Manage the charcoal BBQ
Camping Tent for Couple Camping

Camping Tent for Couple Camping

For a female, you should do those things followed:

  • Decide what groceries and utensils you should take
  • Make a bed for you
  • Pick the camping site
  • Make a plan about the days’ activities

While there are some tasks need you both of you to do, as followed:

  • Unpacking the car
  • Erect a camping tent
  • Collect firewood
  • Preparing and cooking food
  • Washing the dishes

We just mentioned those tasks for single or couple in this post, we will offer some instructions about what you should take and important note for your couple camping in next post, so stay tuned!