Five Reasons Not To Hire Marquee for Wedding

Quictent Wedding Marquee

Have you ever attended a marquee wedding? Most of my friends who had such experience told me that they are more likely to hold a marquee wedding of their own! As someone who survived from a whole mess of marquee stuffs, I’d like to tell everyone do NOT hire a marquee for wedding.

1. Brand New VS. Used

This is the most obvious reason not to hire a marquee. Most marquee of the rental company is used more than once, unless you are lucky enough to get a less-used or a new one. This means the marquee you get may looks crumpled, and it may have food stain on the sides, what’s more, it may have little holes or even scratches.

2. D.I.Y. Free

When hire a marquee, you are not completely free to DIY, especially when you want to do some unrecoverable changes to the marquee. Put on linings and add decorations is just too normal these days. I attend one of my friend’s wedding last month, the fiance was so creative that he drew their self-portrait in cartoon on the marquee sides with mark pen.

3. Cost

Most of people have the wrong idea on the cost of hiring a maruqee comparing to buying one. They believed that hire a marquee  is much cheaper than buying one. But when I surfing the internet, it’s clear that there’re marquees for sale at a cheaper price than hiring one.

4.  Responsibility for Damage and Stain

Like I said in the first point, the disadvantages are just generated by the hirer themselves. And it’s hard to avoid. The rental company may ask you for extra cleaning fee or unreasonable compensation for damage. I heard lots of stories in various version…

 5. Future Convenience

Why not having a marquee rather than hiring one at the same price! Keep the marquee for future use, it’s not likely you just have one party in your whole life, right? And for some small marquee like 4m x 6m or 4m x 8m, why not use as a garage tent while it not in use for party?

Quictent has a wide selection of marquees from 3m x 3m to 6m x 12m at a very reasonable price. All comes with 15 months warranty. Save up to 40% this summer and use this Quictent coupon code: Happy8uy in the checkout process to enjoy more 5% dicount!

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  1. I dont know where you got your info from on this but you are clearly wrong on what you are saying, if you could please tell me where you can get a Commercial Quality Marquee from at a price you can hire it i would like to know, fact a commercial marquee with cost you something like £7000 for a 9m wide by 15m long and thats a good deal, then there is the linings which are around £1500 plus man power to put is up and take it down again, vans to move it and insurance in case anyone trips or falls in the marquee along with tables, chairs, flooring and carpet, do your home work please.

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