Welcome to Quictent!
Dear Customers:

We have a big plan for 2015. We want everyone who is looking for a tent will think of Quictent at first place. In order to achieve this target, we need your help. And we know thoroughly that if we want something, we need to offer something first. Get £5 cash back by reviewing us or sending us the photos.

We are now collecting reviews and photos.

We have partnered with the independent review site Trustpilot to collect customer reviews. You can see we already have a few good reviews. You'll get an email from Trustpilot a few days later after receipt of your order. Simply click the link and you are able to review us. This will help other customers a brief idea about our product and services.

* We aim to achieve 100% satisfaction. However, bad things may happen. Contact us first before giving us a bad review is highly appreciated, we'll do the best to help.

We have a gallery page which show visitors how wonderful our products are. Without your help, we are not able to update. Don't hesitate to share your happiness with us, please send the photos to sales@quictents.co.uk.

If you are using PayPal, £5 will be automatically sent to your account within 1-2 working days after receiving your review or photos. If you are using bank transfer, you can deduct £5 from the payment, just don't forget to review us or send photos later.

Many thanks for building a better Quictent.