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Decagonal 8.9m x 6.5m X-Large Elegant Marquee

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Read More Reviews Nelson Smith      11/18/2010
The 9m x 6.5m X-Large Elegant Marquee was beautiful. As described, easy to implement. We were very happy. We had heavy rain and counted to push water over the top but it was too much and the 9m x 6.5m X-Large Elegant Marquee collapsed. Hoping we can get spare parts because we loved this 9m x 6.5m X-Large Elegant Marquee and planned to use it again and again. I was hesitant to buy a maquee on Quictent and hoped that I woudn't have to return it, but that place was really perfect, transformed our backyard into a fairy tale. We liked and plan to use for children's parties, Thanksgiving and family reunions. As your event is dry or light rain, it's wonderful, heavy rains ... out or perhaps you are stuck in a tent down. Spare parts are available! saves me trying to invest in green too. We really love this maquee!