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3m x 6m Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo - White

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Read More Reviews Steve      05/12/2012
The item is definitely constructed to a higher specification than many gazebos I have seen/used in the past. The frame is steel, not aluminium - the lock-points have ring-pulls to disengage when taking them down making it more secure when up, and easier to take down. The material is very high quality, strong, thick and 100% waterproof.

It is 3 x 6 which is big for a pop up. Consequence is, it is very heavy. One person cannot carry this very far. It has 6 telescopic legs which you have to pull out in synchronization, which means you definitely need 2 people to put it up - I tried with one and couldn't. To counteract the weight, it comes in a very high quality bag, with wheels. One person can drag it, but not across grass or gravel.
To secure it, it is supplied with the standard thin guys and slim pegs - I am not sure that would hold such a big tent in place if there was a wind - so I will be investing in mire secure pegs at least.
Once it is up, it looks elegant - the framework is relatively discrete, and the higher quality material, hangs well and gives it a quite luxurious feel. Definitely better than average.

One thing I must mention is the customer service from Quictent which was excellent. I had a query which was handled with next day responsiveness, and a replacement component was shipped to me without quibble. Email on the Sunday, part in my hand on the Wednesday. These guys really value their customers and are genuinely determined to make them happy.

It is not cheap, but what you get is significantly higher than average quality, and you have the backup of a very focused customer services team to take any worry out of the purchase. Genuinely happy.