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2 - 3 Man Pop Up Camping Tent

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Read More Reviews Bruno      03/05/2012
The only reason I am giving this tent a 5 star rating is because there isn't a 6. This is by far the greatest camping tent I have ever owned.

Last weekend I went camping with my wife with this tent. I pulled it out, lifted up and pushed the center piece together and the tent was up. My wife can't believe I set it up only in few seconds, absolutely amazing. It was very roomy - We had 2 sleeping bags, 2 gear bags, a food bag and a small folding table in the tent. We still had room for more if we wanted. I would rate it as slightly sturdier than a standard tent with similar fabric durability.

I absolutely love this tent and highly recommend it to anyone who needs a pop up tent that hates to spend half an hour setting it up. It is absolutely everything I hoped for.