Winter Camping

Travelling and camping in the winter is often a tough experience, but if you take more time to make preparation for it, you also will have a wonderful and memorable experience. So what should we do when we are plan to have a winter camping?

1. Pay more attention to weather forecast, and set a date. You should choose a day with higher temperature and sunshine, or it will be the longest day in your life.

2. Choose a destination. Please take all the things into consideration when you are choosing the destination. For example, if the weather turns really bad, whether you can get out there or not? If you can’t get home, whether there is a café, a night club around it.

3. A winter camping tent. Three-season tents may not be sturdy enough to handle the high winds and snow buildup that sometimes accompany winter storms. They may also be too ventilated to provide much shelter from a blowing storm. So you’d better choose a four-season tent.

A tip about erecting your tent. Select a tent site that is sheltered from the wind if possible, hanging a tarp between trees can help block the wind from your tent if needed.

4. Food and water. Take plenty of fresh food, not just dehydrated stuff and junk foods. You should carry as much food as you can, you also can take some vegetable and meat there, you just need to wash them when you are at home and put them in animal-proof containers.

You can take some bottled water and take some pots for get the snowmelt water.

5. Communication. Once you have made up your mind to have a winter camping, so tell your family and friends your plan and when you will get back, so they don’t send out a search party. In case of your cell phone’s have no electricity, you’d better take more than one battery.


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