What is A Mini Greenhouse?


When we say something is mini, many people would think something that related to a doll. But a mini greenhouse is not that small and can hold quite a selection of plants. Nowadays, many people would like to grow plants but do not have much space. So the mini greenhouse is a good solution because it enables you to make the most of the small space all the year round. A mini greenhouse is a small version of a greenhouse so it should be large enough to allow you to stand, turn around and tend to your plants.

There are many advantages of a mini greenhouse and the most wonderful one is the price. Because of its small size, a mini greenhouse can be very simple and cheap. If you are willing to invest a little elbow grease, you can usually put up a greenhouse on your own. A mini greenhouse may be no more than a tubular steel framework covered with a plastic tent. They usually have a zip fastener at the front so that you can open the canopy. With a mini greenhouse, you can germinate your own seeds, grow more delicate plants, or even just extend a growing season a few weeks.

Although the size of the greenhouse is small, this doesn’t have to mean it is poorly made. While we cannot deny that plastic covered mini greenhouses tend to be less long lasting than big greenhouses that are more robustly constructed. But you can get many years of use out of them. You need to be prepared to change the covering on your mini greenhouse every year or so. The framework will last much longer and can be reused again and again. After all, the reason we buy a mini greenhouse is that it won’t take much space, don’t we?

With a mini greenhouse you can experience the world of extended gardening; make sure you enjoy greenhouse planting when you first start out.

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