Wash Your Sleeping Bag by Quictent Tips

Sleeping bag, as the necessary equipments for your camping tents travel, to some extent, it brings you the feelings of home. Not only for family camping tents travel, if you need a wild a travel and live in the outside with a pop up gazebo, the sleeping bag is also very necessary. So today, Quictent will be here and talk something about how to wash sleeping bag..

After your travel, besides the exciting feelings and some sort tired, maybe you should pay some attention on your dirty sleeping bag, as well as dirty tents. At former articles, we have talked about “How to DIY tent canopy”, today we will talk about how to wash sleeping bag before storage.

Step 1 to machine wash sleeping bag: clean away any excess debris and dirty things, place the sleeping bag into a washing machine—please keep in mind that the machine must be the front-loading one, not a top loading or agitator style, for which will loosen the stitching so that damage your sleeping bag.

Step 2 to machine wash sleeping bag: add a reasonable amount of laundry into the slot, for some sleeping bags are always with down, so you can also choose special detergents for down sleeping bag. Of course, if you want to have these detergents to clean your marquee or other tents, your marquee tent will be luck.

Step 3 to machine wash sleeping bag: start the washing as the “gentle cycle” with cool water for washing and rinsing. Choosing the “gentle cycle” and cool water is because of those down sleeping bag needs gentle options of machine washing.

The last step to machine wash sleeping bag: after dried the sleeping bag by washing machine, you should remove it from the dryer and stretch it out to completely dry. After a completely dry, you can store the sleeping bag in a big, breathable storage box with desiccant. After finished this, you can feel ease about your sleeping bag, no matter it is “down” or not.

When you have finished these simple 4 steps about machine wash sleeping bag, there is no need for your to worry about your nice sleeping bags, and that’s also mean you have had a good preparation for your next Outdoor travel, at least you have a comfortable and clean sleeping bag, right?

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