How Many Lights Should I Invest on My Grow Tents?

As we all know, grow lights play an important role in your grow room tent. However, how many grow lights do you need on earth? We are here to make it clear for you.

If you are new grower looking to produce your own fruit and vegetables, make sure how many grow lights tent to be more essential. It can take a long time for a new grower to find a great grow room setup and it usually comes after you have learned by doing. The amount of lights you use depends on the size of your grow room, the amount of plants you are growing and the power of the lights you purchase.

On the one hand, the higher the wattage on your lighting system will usually result in a higher yield. For example, a 400w system usually grows 4 or 5 plants in medium, 2 gallon, sized containers where as a 1000w setup could hold almost double the plants in larger 4 or 5 gallon containers.


On the other hand, it is important to know that the higher price of a high watt system isn’t the only cost. More powerful lights means more heat generated and having a hot grow room could badly affect your crops. If your grow room budget allows you to purchase a high powered lighting system, be ready for the extra cost that comes with cooling your grow room down.

If you cannot afford 1000w lighting, don’t worry because a 400 or 600 watt lighting system still provides efficient lighting with reduced heat. However if you do have the money to purchase both powerful lights and a method to reduce the heat, it is more likely you will have a larger and better yield.

For the best temperature for a grow room, it is around 21 – 23 degrees. If you purchase powerful lights without a cooling system in place and the temperature gets too high, the quality of the fruit and vegetables produced in the environment will be lacking. Always keep the lights within your grow room a couple of feet away from the plants otherwise they could be seriously damaged. A good way to determine if your lights are too close to your plants is to place your hand on the tops of the crop and if you feel the heat, the lights are too close.

With these basic tips for lighting within your grow room, it should be a little simpler when it comes to setting up.  If you are new grower in grow tent gardening, the above knowledge of lighting will be helpful.