How to Choose a Pop up Gazebo Tent with Perfect Size for Your Need

When you are going to decide to buy pop up gazebo tents with great size that you need, there are plenty of elements you should take into consideration. What stands the most important part is the space you own to install the gazebo tent. Definitely, you can’t invest on a pop up gazebo tent which is bigger than the area you have. For the next step, you are ought to think about how many people your gazebo tent need to accommodate.

If you are planning a gathering like standing style without tables or other furnishings, you will just need about 10 to 12 sq. ft per person.

If you are scheduling a meal or an event with other furnish, you might need think about much more about it. The followings are two instructions for different types of events.

10x15 pop up gazebo tent

Speech style seating

This type of event needs 5 to 6 sq. ft per chair. It can guarantee a comfortable space for each one of your guests without crowd.

Sit-down meals

To present a cozy environment to enjoy tasty food, you may be required to offer 12 sq. ft per person. What’s more, additional space for mingling or servers is a must.

When you are choosing gazebo tent with right size for your event, please make sure that you take all furnishings, equipment and staff into account besides all guests. Frankly speaking, it is always a wise decision to purchase a pop up gazebo tent with bigger size than you really need. This can be helpful to cover unexpected guests or other unforeseen needs.

And now you’d better do some homework to ensure you are making right decision on the right size. After all, nobody wants to see the embarrassing situation that your guests look at each other in consternation without enough space. Hopefully, all above can be a good tip for your to choose your best pop up gazebo tent and have a perfect gathering.