Enjoy Nice Weather with Outdoor Sun Shades in Spring

Finally, spring comes back to us. Warm sunshine is shining your house. It’s high time to breathe fresh air outdoors. However it is not always a good idea to be sitting in the direct sunlight without some type of shade source. Don’t neglect the power UV rays from that can be harmful to your skin even in the spring. Protect yourself, your family, and guests from the effects of UV rays while outdoors. If your backyard comes without any outdoor sun shades, then the followings might be helpful.


Pop Up Gazebos

Add a more stable and sturdy shade source with a simple pop up gazebo. Whether you want to seek shelter from the sun or rain a pop up gazebo will give you the cover you need. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs perfectly. These canopies are heavier than a patio umbrella and they offer a larger coverage area. You will want to make sure that a canopy is anchored well during high winds so it does not incur damage or become a kite blowing through your yard. With a pop up gazebo tent you are not only getting a shade source for your deck or patio but a portable shelter that you can take on outings for shelter.

garden marquee

Garden Gazebos

Beautiful, Practical, and Portable! Enjoy a perfect afternoon relaxing in the shade under a garden gazebo in your lush garden. Adding a garden canopy not only adds a shade source to your deck or patio but it also will add to the overall feel of the outdoor space. Some garden gazebos feature screen sides that can tie back for an elegant look or untie to form an airy yet attractive barrier from the bugs. These gazebo tents are great for outdoor events or for everyday use. This type of gazebo tent can be temporary or leave it up for use through the whole season.

5m High Density Woven Shade Sails

Shade Sails

Just can’t find a shade source that will fit your deck or compliment your outdoor area, consider a Shade Sail. You can use just one or layer multiple shade sails to accommodate the area that you want to cover. Each shade sail is made from a breathable fabric that is specially treated so it will not to break down in the sun but will still offer you generous protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Shade sails are available in an array of sizes and colors so you can add create a unique look to your yard. Shade sail canopies are a very versatile and attractive way to provide that just right spot to relax and socialize with friends and family.

Several Ways to Use Garden Gazebo in Your Garden

The summer is around the corner, many housewives are busy decorating their garden. Absolutely, there are many ways to decorate garden for summer, such as, add water feature; place some leisure facilities, maybe garden hammocks, massage tables; or add beauty by flexible using garden gazebos.

The garden gazebo is really a thing of beauty, it has been recognized that within the previous kings and queens had enjoyed gazebos within their royal gardens, establishing a trend of garden gazebo for history’s wealthy and well-known.

Garden gazebos are perfectly suit for any garden, patio, decking or backyard. Get a heavy duty gazebo to any house is a really a wise step, there are also many ways to use gazebo in your garden to add beauty, we will talked about them in detailed.

1. Use a garden gazebo to produce a division in between parts of the garden or backyard.

Making Outdoor Living Room with Garden Gazebo

Making Outdoor Living Room with Garden Gazebo

Some family creates an outdoor living room or kids playing room in the garden or backyard by adding a garden gazebo, both of them are successful examples. About what you should build with heavy duty pop up gazebo, outdoor living room or kids’ play house? It totally depends on your needs.

2. Pop up canopies with no sides is used as the shelter for summer leisure facilities, such as, hammock, massage tables

Garden gazebo for Massage

Garden gazebo for Massage

After a long and tiring day’s work, it is a great idea to relax ourselves by enjoying the hammock or massage table or chair after work, for some facilities designed for two adults, you can enjoy it with your spouse, just like this extra wide hammock with pillow, which is perfectly suit for couples.

If you want to use portable gazebo to offer shade when you are enjoying the hammock, it required that your hammock should fitted with stand, just like this rope hammock with stand. If you have a wooden gazebo, there is no doubt that you can tie the hammock to the legs for gazebo.

3. Used as the shelter of garden activities or parties

Garden Gazebo for Garden Activities

Garden Gazebo for Garden Activities

If you want to hold some garden activities in your garden, a metal gazebo can offer you and your guests a good shade and you can carefreely serve your guest under its proof. If you plan to use pop up gazebo on some special occasion, you need to decorate it according to the theme of your party or gathering.

Absolutely, you also can have other ways to use garden gazebo in your garden or backyard, you can tell us by leaving a comment.

Garden Gazebo Ideas

Pop up gazebos are popular for parties, weddings and other functions. Adding a garden gazebo to your home will provide a whole new dimension to your outdoor space and therefore encourage you to spend more time outdoors in a comfortable environment. Every one want to own a cool place in his barckyard when they want to take a relaxation after the lunch. Gazebo provides shelter from the sun, wind and rain.


Quictent provide various elegant garden gazebos for you. The most popular one is 3m x 4.5m pop up gazebo, with a medium size space. And they only will cost you £150 approximately. Of cource, smaller gazebos accommodate few people, while larger gazebos, like 3m x 6m pop up gazebo, are created to hold entire wedding receptions.

However, it’s vital to stake the gazebo down with guy ropes or gazebo feet weights to prevent it from overturning in the wind. Otherwise you may find your gazebo sitting upside down in your neighbour’s garden or blowing into the road.

In addition, you can make a decoration for them by dressing them with garden lighting and see-through netting for special events to create a bright and inviting gazebo.

Adding some colourful flowers add zest and vitality to a gazebo. Terra cotta, stone or hanging planters overflowing with assorted flowers in reds, yellows and oranges bring cheerful life to a gazebo. And furniture are well-suited choices of decoration for the gazebo. The size of your garden gazebo will determine selection of specific furniture pieces. A wooden benches, coffee table and two chairs create an arrangement conducive for conversation and relaxation.

Why Should You Have a Garden Gazebo in Garden/Backyard

Garden Gazebo

Garden Gazebo

It becomes warmer and warmer, we can hold some activities in garden/backyard, at this moment, a garden gazebo becomes a must for every family if you have a garden or backyard. Therefore, we will talk about why we should have a garden gazebo in garden/backyard and garden gazebos’ advantages, no matter it is a permanent gazebo or portable garden gazebo.

At first, garden gazebos can be utilized as a delightful workplace space.

With wireless connections, your gazebo also can be another workplace, furthermore, in the garden, the view is got to be better, fresh air and sunshine can make you really feel better than working in the study. If you have the chance, why not try working in garden gazebo? A desk, chair and filling can be added to your gazebo to make it into the ultimate property workplace. Then place some plants around the gazebo, this will make the transition from the outdoors garden to the inside workplace blur, moreover, also generate a lovely atmosphere to function in.

Secondly, a garden waterproof gazebo also can be your kids’ den.

You can decorate your gazebo by adding outdoor cushions and favorite toys and other things in lots of vivid colors, to make it become a great spot for your kids. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on them.

Thirdly, you also can use your gazebo to product a wonderful space for relaxing. With sheer curtains, orchids, candles, calming paintings and statues, etc, you can create a fantastic outdoor living space for summer leisure time.

Fourthly, a garden marquee is a perfect shelter for your garden activities.

When the weather is warm, there is nothing better than to eat outdoors, or just drink a cup of coffee there. Except eating or drinking with family, you may want to hold some party or bbq gathering in spring or summer. If you plan to hold a party for your little boy or girl, or have a bbq gathering, etc, your garden marquees are perfect shelters from sun and wind, you can carefree serve your guests under its proof. It doesn’t matter that your gazebo is a permanent gazebo made from wooden or just a pop up gazebo, both of them are perfect for your garden activities.

We just list some of garden gazebos advantages, maybe you know some others you can tell us by leaving a comment. With so many advantages, that’s why you should have a garden gazebo in garden/backyard.

We just discussed gazebos advantages, but didn’t pay any attention to what kind of gazebo you should erect in your garden/backyard, we will talk about this topic in next post.

Get a Garden Gazebo for Your Summer Leisure Time

Garden Gazebo Made from Wooden

Garden Gazebo Made from Wood

A garden gazebo is the excellent way to accent your garden, it also offers you a shelter for your summer leisure time. Envision getting able to walk along the path amongst the koi pond and the flowers, the hedges and the willow tree, pausing to rest on a bench inside a gazebo. It is the most interesting thing in the day with your girls friends or lover. No matter how big or small garden you have, it is necessary to get a garden gazebo for your leisure time.

Generally speaking, there are two ways you can own your garden gazebo, you can build a structure gazebo made of wooden, if it is not convenient for you, you also can purchase a portable metal gazebo. Next, we will talk about the two kinds of garden gazebos in details.

It comes to building a garden gazebo, at first, you need to choose your material from wood, metal, or vinyl alternatives. For most family, they will choose wood, it is the most typical decision and perfect for great purpose, it goes with any pure surroundings. Your gazebo can be made from pine, cedar, redwood.


Metal Gazebo

Metal Gazebo 

Talk about metal gazebos, they come in cast aluminum or steel and wrought iron. If you want your gazebo to add a beautiful dark and extended lasting effect, you can choose the one with steel and wrought iron. In general, these portable gazebos are fitted with open-roofed, this makes them are perfect for stocking with plants, climbers and other components. If you choose to get a portable metal gazebo, it can save you much time and energy, there are a large of portable gazebos available in Quictent, pop up gazebos with sides, you can visit Quictent UK, pop up canopies without sides, you can visit Quictent US.  you just need to choose one you like and suit for your garden and budget.

No matter what kind of gazebo you want to own, anyway, a garden gazebo can offer you a good shed that you can freely enjoy your leisure time in the hot summer.

Buy Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

There are thousands of means to enjoy the outdoors. Do you find that, the outdoor ambience in your garden or lawn is much different from the rooms inside the house which is why many of us would prefer to spend their time to relax and unwind in the garden or outside instead.

A gazebo could bring more outdoor comfort and convenience. Providing the shade and protection needed from any weather, gazebos are great for many activities like family parties, celebrations, anniversaries, wedding and reunions and barbecue parties. Moreover, outdoor garden gazebos can make your garden look exotic. Usually, family members or friends can be conveniently got together when there are gazebos installed. In addition, family dinners can be done at the gazebos and family members or your friends, classmates can expect to have a lot of fun sharing stories and experiences that happened in the office or in the school. Everybody has a lot of good things to look forward to when they come home – thanks to outdoor gazebos. In a word, gazebo can bring fun and joy beyond what you expect.

Why to choose Quictent pop up gazebo. With high quality and various colors, whether you’re planning a wedding, barbecue, birthday party or summer fete, the Quictent pop up gazebo is the first place to look for a Quality Solution that won’t break the budget. Quictent pop up gazebos – portable, waterproof and flexible.

Since early 21st century, Quictent has been doing tents business. There are various types of tents products in Quictent, such as high quality pop up gazebo, Peaktop® camping tents, party tents or marquee, various gazebo tents, greenhouse, grow tent, portable garage etc.Carrying on distinguished customers-satisfaction policy, this is Quictent’s pursuit.

Quicent will continue to extend our products range and make every efforts to offer our customers the most competitive price and best products and services.