Cleaning Your Portable Greenhouse in Spring

Like anything else, portable greenhouses that help you grow plants also need extra care. Good care for them can guarantee your plants grow up as healthy as possible. Keeping your portable greenhouse clean will help keep insects out that might feed on your lovely plants and ensuring plenty of sunlight to get through the plastic windows. Here are some tips to keep the greenhouse clean.

Cleaning now

It is always easiest to tackle the cleaning mission when there are few plants in your backyard greenhouse. And the spring is the best time to get started. If you intent to use chemicals to clear your portable greenhouse, try to move all your plants outside is a must to prevent damages by chemicals. Please make sure the whole of your plastic cover is clean and remember there are two sides. Remove any moss or algae that has built up on the cover. You can use a plastic scarper or other tool to remove it but be careful not to damage the plastic cover. If your greenhouse uses electricity, you will want to cover all of the electrical sockets to ensure that they do not get water in them.

3m x 6m Polytunnel Greenhouse

Breezy days

A Whole cleaning project needs a breezy day. If you plant to clean backyard greenhouse this day, it should be a sunny day with low humility. Once you finish the clearance work, the breeze and dry weather will be great of help to dry out greenhouse. And then you can move your plants in as soon as possible. You are recommended to close the plastic windows after the portable greenhouse gets totally dry. In this way, the chances of mold and insect infestation are effectively lowered.

Keeping your backyard greenhouse clean is going to be easier when you know how to do it. Knowing the right times of the year and planning for the outside weather is essential for getting the job done correctly. Enjoy your greenhouse gardening.

Best Way to Clean a Tent

To clean a tent is an very important camping tip when you went back from an exciting camping tents trip with your close friends. Because one of best way to maintain your tent or pop up gazebo is to clean a tent. However, some guys do not clean a tent due to laziness or having no idea on how to clean a tent.

First step to clean a tent: set up a tent

Last post we talked about how to set up a tent which also is a very important step to clean a tent. After you set up a tent, then you should begin to sweep the “living room”, IE, the floor of your tent. During your travel, there must be some soil, leaves, pests and even some spiders.

Second step to clean a tent: spray your tent cover

According to spray the cover, you could get rid of the dust, mud and some other spots on your family camping tent. Here is a point to clean a tent you should pay attention that you should close your tent by zippering your tent or other ways, in case any moisture getting in your tent.

Third step to clean a tent: disinfection

After finished the two steps to clean a tent, the next step to clean a tent should be disinfection. Do not think it is unnecessary for your tent with disinfection; instead, you should do a careful job about this. Therefore, after sweeping the floor, you should spray the floor with antibacterial spray. As you know this will stop any germs from your last trip and will avoid any germs that will come for your next trip. So this is a very vital step for you to clear a tent like portable garage. Usually, you should remember that you should let the antibacterial spray keep on the tent for about 5-10 minutes before wiping it away to clean a tent.

Please remember that you should let your camping tents for at least 3 hours, so that you could clean a tent completely.

Once the tent has been clear and dry completely, you can pack it back up. At that time, it will be ready for your next trip with a brand-new image.

After you read these tips on how to set up a camping tent, you will find it is so easy to clean a tent.