Quictent Tips on How to set up a Party Tent Quickly

In our daily life, we will have lots of parties or events with friends. Commonly, those Birthdays, graduations, weddings, and so on can be enhanced by throwing the soiree outside. However, there are always some unexpected things that will happen during those happy and important events, which will always let the participants feel disappoint. Therefore, the weather should be an important element that we should consider.

Generally, to make sure that the weather does not get in the way of a wonderful time had by all, we should set up a party tent as the place of entertainment! About the tents, you may choose the camping tents; pop up gazebo, marquee or just a marquee party tent. When you have the tent, you can enjoy a comfortable and exciting party, for the tent will block the rain, wind and glaring sun for you. To some extent, a party tent will make your next party an instant smash!

Here we talk some steps about how to set up a party tent (these steps are also suitable for other style tents.)

The first thing to set up a party tent is to spread the party rent fabric out in the location that you have chosen in advance.

The next thing you should do to set up a party tent is to insert the party tents’ poles into the slots, one by one. Tighten the poles by connectors and some other necessary parts. Here is a thing that you should keep in mind that when you begin to set up a tent, you should start with poles that will be near the top and ended with the poles that supports the tent on the ground. Do like this, you will have a easy job.

The third one to set up a party tent you should is to put stakes into designated holes within the party tent fabric and then into the ground.

After the above three steps to set up a party tent, you have set up the tents’ frame. The next one is to cover the tent. Usually you should use some rob traps for fixing the cover onto the poles. Generally, this step is simple.

After this, you may choose a hammer to hammer your party tent stakes into the ground to ensure stability, shake your party tent to ensure that whether the reinforcement of stakes or poles is necessary. If it is necessary, you should also reinforce the stakes by using pegs and rope to tie around rocks or tress for security. Meanwhile, you can also enhance the party tent poles by placing the additional party tent poles, to reach the result of adding the whole tent’s stability.

The above five steps are just simple, but if you followed them, I am sure that the tents you set up will be stable and security.

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