Repair a Pop up Gazebo

If you follow Quictent blog, you will find all posts are focus on how to maintain camping tents, pop up gazebo or marquee, such as tips for store tent, clean a tent, set up a tent and so on. Now, Quictent will go on to teach you how to repair tent of yours.

Sometimes, your camping tents will be damaged by accident, especially the parts of tent poles. Today, we will be focus on how to repair tent including repair tent poles.

The most common occasion is that you find your camping tents poles are bent. How to repair tent poles? The best way to repair tent poles which are bent is to ask for help from tent manufacturers. Basically, the majority of manufactures are willing to give you a replacement. Therefore, this is the best way to repair tent poles if they are bent.

The second situation is cover damage. How to repair tent if the cover is damaged? Please seam the broken part timely. That is to say, spare cloth for cover is necessary.

The last situation is about tent poles again. The heavy wind likes to havoc our camping tents. Many tent poles are bent or damaged by the heavy wind.

How to repair tent poles? The first thing you should do is to identify where the broken part is. Then remove the pole from the tent, lay the entire pole flat on the ground; next, straighten out the broken pole on the ground (Ensure the pieces lie flat), and clean the tent poles and dry them. The last is to replace the damaged poles with a brand new, after finished these, you should set your tent up and test the strength of the whole tent. Of course, you can also use pegs to fix your tent stably, in case that your tent will burst into tear so easily.

The above information or ideas about how to repair tent of yours (repair tent cover and repair tent poles), maybe you have known them or this is your first time for you to touch them. Please remember that if you have troubles to repair tent, just follows the ideas above; surly you can repair tent easily.

7 thoughts on “Repair a Pop up Gazebo

  1. I just bought a 4.5 m pop-up gazebo/marquee was wondering whether you have any ground bars to go with it

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  2. Need to purchase 7 replacement pole sections in the USA. Already sent one of these asking for guidance and it wasn’t replied to. Please provide info for me to purchase the sections I require. Awaiting your response.

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  3. do you sell just a poll set i have many damaged poles and think it would be easier to just order a whole set for 10×20 ml-gm1103

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