Six Steps For Putting A New Tent’s Roof

High Quality 6 - 8 Person Dome Family Camping Tents are on sale.Maybe you have suffered such case: when you set up your camping tents or pop up gazebo, beyond your expectation, there are some small or big holes on the top cover or top roof.

In fact, it is a common thing for your tent. Just imagine, your tent has suffered endless of light or heavy rains and strong sun, meanwhile, excessive traveling will also take its toll on your tents, no matter camping tents or pop up gazebo or even marquee. Therefore, if necessary, we should know how to change the broken roof and put a new roof for your tents.

Step 1: Get on the roof with a foldable ladder, clean any trim and fasteners on the roof by necessary knife and screwdrivers.

Step 2: As a used tent, there must have some other things hanging on the tent, such as lights, air conditions, speakers, or even some heat units. Make sure that all of them would remove from the roof before changing the old roof, which is goof for safety.

Step 3: Cut the roof into 5 inches strips by a smart knife, and then pull up one strip at one time. Here please keep in mind that do not pull up any roof decking, for which will stick anything no matter what they are.

Step 4: Use wood putty to fill the area that the wood decking comes up, smooth it by hands or necessary tools to work out any remaining air bubbles. Allow the adhesive to sit overnight to dry.

Step 5: Now you should remove those old sealant with knife, and then reinstall to the original places and stretch the membrane before replacing screws to prevent wrinkles.

The last step for putting a new tent’s roof is to trim off those excess membranes by your knife, put the new roof on the top of your tent, hang on every thing that you need: lights, air conditions, speakers, or heat units if necessary. Then you can start to enjoy your new roof tent.

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