How to Set Up Your Marquee Easily and Safely


Hiring or buying a marquee for outdoor events has become a trend in recent years. The marquee can not only provide shelter from the wind, rain and sun, but also make the event more impressive. But in the first place, you need to know how to set up the marquee properly and safely if you don’t have the marquee hire company do it for you.

No matter you hire or buy a marquee, it will come in a handy case. You should start your work by simply taking the marquee out of the case. The pop up marquees are really popular these days because they are easy to set up and put down. With the help of another person, you can finish your set up work in 15-45 minutes depending on the size of the marquee, the space available, and the type of event. Once they are up, simply snap the legs in place.

After you have set up the marquee, the next thing you need to do is to secure the marquee so it can stay in one place even in strong winds. You can use metal weights or pegs to secure the marquee. At the base of each pole, there is a flat piece of metal. You can place the metal weights over the piece of metal. You’d better use two weights per pole. If you prefer to use pegs, you just need to insert the pegs in the holes in the flat metal pieces at the bottom of the poles and hammer them into the ground as far as they will go. Make sure to double check the stability and sturdiness of the marquee so you feel confident it will stay steady if heavy wind comes.

Now everything is done and the marquee is giving a visually pleasing atmosphere for the outdoor events.

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