How to Set Up a Quictent Pop Up Gazebo?

Pop Up Gazebo from Quictent

Pop Up Gazebo from Quictent

Many people are considering having a spring camping trip with family or friends, so it is necessary to know how to set up a pop up gazebo quickly, because nobody want to spend several hours to erect a tent, even it can ruin your camping trip. Therefore, there is a post from Quictent about how to set up a pop up gazebo.

First at all, you need to pull the tent and accessories out of the storage bag, then spread the party rent fabric out in the location you have chosen in advance.

Next, you should insert the steel gazebo’s poles into the slots, one by one, then tighten the poles by connectors and some other necessary parts. By the way, a tips about erecting pop up gazebo, you should start with poles that will be near the top and ended with the poles that supports the tent on the ground, do like this, you will have an easy job and finish it quickly.

Thirdly, you need to put stakes into designed holes within the gazebo fabric and then into the ground.

Fourthly, you have to set up its frame and then cover the tent, you also can use some rob traps to fix the cover onto the poles. Generally speaking, this step is easy to finish.

The last step, you need a hammer to harmer your gazebo stakes into the ground to ensure stability, once finished, you can shake your gazebo to check whether its stakes and poles is enough stable or not. If not, repeat this step.

Finished all the steps, you have erected your pop up gazebo successfully. May you have a wonderful camping trip with Quictents pop up gazebo.

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