Quick Pitch a Tent by Quictent Tips

Today, Quictent will be here to share some tips on how to pitch a tent, which can let you enjoy a wonderful camping tents travel.

First step on how to pitch a tent: good weather

Please make sure good weather before you camp. Bad weather will make a big trouble to pitch a tent. Certainly, Quictent does not suggest you camping in bad weather. The wind should be under 35 m/ h, and it can’t be 20 degrees with frost nipping. Above these, you should consider at first.

Second step on how to pitch a tent: time

When you camp in the open air, please figure out time exactly. Quictent advises you to pitch a tent in daylight. If you arrived your destination in the dark, it could be very hard for you to erect your tent.

Third step on how to pitch a tent: place

Where do you pitch a tent? Avoid these places: valley, rocky places. If you have to pitch a tent in these places, please sweep or clear the rocks, branches or detritus around your tent.

Last step on how to pitch a tent: waterproof

Waterproof tents are necessary when you camp outside. Put your ground cloth under your tent, make sure the ground cloth stays tucked under the tent edges, for the rain will slide right off the tent and will not be on your ground cloth. This cloth can keep your tent far away from soaking.

Above are the all skills or tips about tent pitching, follow them and then you can have a fantastic camping trip.

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