How To Pitch A Camping Tent


Pitching a tent can seem a difficult task for any first-time camper. However, tents are an essential and useful piece of camping equipments. Therefore, I stirmly believe that, many frustrated campers have cursed their camping tents including myself. As we’ve attempt to pitch it in the dark without proper preparation.

But, if you’ve set up a pop up tent sucessfully before,it’ll become a familiar routine that can easily be repeated even in the most difficult hiking and camping conditions. Furthermore once you’ve mastered setting up one kind of tent, it will then be easier to set up other kinds of tents.

Whatever, what do you need before setting up a tent? You need your tent which will come with some tent pegs. Moreover, you might also need a mallet to hammer the pegs securely into hard ground. Of couse, before all of these, setting up your perfect camp will begin with picking the perfect camp location. During it, you should follow these tips on how to pitch a family camping tent in windy conditions. If the winds and weather conditions are very rough then you might want to wait for things to settle down a bit before you try pitching your Tent.

And, keep in mind, don’t pitch beneath trees as this can be dangerous. Falling branches pose a risk, as do lightning strikes in bad weather.

After the first step, select the perfect location, the second step is clear away any stones, sticks or other sharp objects that may damage the floor of your tent. Thirdly, unfold the tent and lay it in the respective area. Stake down the corners of your tent. And Connect your tent poles. Here, you should make ensure that you don’t put the wrong sections together, the tent poles may be color-coded. Then, assemble the frame of the tent. Last step, secure the rain-fly of the tent.

Eventually, hope these simple instructions in the art of tent pitching will help you a lot. Have a nice camping !

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