How to Decorate a Marquee for Wedding?

It becomes warmer and warmer now, more and more people are willing to exchange vows under the sun or stars. If you are making a plan for your wedding, why not choose hold an outdoor wedding? Today, we will talk about how to decorate a marquee.

Hold an outdoor wedding, the first thing you need to have some marquees, they can party tents or pop up gazebos, you can buy some from Quicetnts, you also can hire them from tents hire companies.
There are some instructions about how to decorate the wedding marquee as followed:
Read as many wedding magazines as you can to get an idea of what you want the marquee to look like.

  • Decide how many guests you want to invite, according to the number of your guests, and then decide the seating plan and whether you are ready to assign specific places to specific guests, decide roughly the size of tables you want.
  • Decide on a layout for your marquee, such as, whether you want a stage for speeches or a band, where you want to locate the dance floor. If you need both of them, you have to need one more marquee or you have to make enough room for them.
  • According to the color of your marquee, choose the fabric. You can add a little color by picking an accent color for napkins, curtains and floral arrangements. One suggestion, don’t use fabrics of different shades of white for the marquee lining, tablecloths and seat covers. If you want to place something out of the ordinary, you can discuss the possibility with your marquee supplier if you choose to hire marquees.
  • Decide what kind of lighting you want in the marquee. If you hold your wedding in this midsummer, you will have natural light later in the evening, you will have minimal time for special lighting effects, and simple chandeliers will usually do the trick.
  • If there is no accessible indoor area nearby, remember to provide mobile restrooms.

May you have a gorgeous marquee and successful outdoor wedding.