How to Clean the Mildrew on Camping Tents

Are you surprising when you found that your camping tents covered with the mildew? Usually, when you pack up your camping tents orPop up Gazebo tents and stock them after your travel, without a complete sunbath. To some extent, they are still moist and it is easy to be mildew. Therefore, Quictent will be here to talk with you about how to clean the mildew on camping tents.

Firstly, you should set up your stocked camping tents or marquee tents completely when it is a brilliant sunshine day. This step needs you let your tents in the sunshine about one hour at least.

Secondly, after your tents enjoy a completely sunbath, now you should have a broom to clean the mildew on the cover. It is easy to clean the mildew when the tents have been enjoyed a completely sunbath.

Thirdly, after you have clean the mildew by broom, now you should wash the cover again. Use the warm water and some washing-powder to wash the cover, especially the places that had been covered by the mildew.

The last thing you should do is to dry the tents, just air dry is enough. Make sure that the tents and the contents are fully and completely dry before you pack them back again. If you do not let your tents dry completely, your efforts are all in ruins and they will be covered by mildew again.

Last, but not least, the Mother’s day in 2011 is coming. Quictent advise you that you should spend some time to clean the mildew covering on your mother’s camping tents, which could be an unusual mothers day gift, right? Of course, you can also purchase a brand new camping tents or marquee tents for your mothers at this special day as the mothers day gifts, that’s really fantastic.

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