Five Tips for Sun Shade Sail Installation?

Shade sail installation is thought of as a careful work for your normal use in the future. Before you take your first step, you need to confirm with local authorities regarding the regulations. Also, it is also necessary to check with the utility companies for an underground service. After all, digging holes would be required for the support of the posts. Here are five tips for sun shade sail installation and make you benefit more from the item you invest.

shade sail

Mounting points

You may find that some of such fixing points exist already. These include fence post, large tree, pergola or a fascia. But if such fixing points are not there then you have to install posts. You should ideally allow a space on every side of the sail between the mounting point and the sail’s corner which would ideally be around 10% of the length of the sail. If this measurement is maintained then there can be enough space for material stretch, mounting of hardware and sail tensioning. On each side this has to be done so that it can be ensured that there is ample space for sail tension. If you feel like, you could obtain expert advice from an engineer or a builder.

Accessories needs

One would get ample help from a huge array of fixing accessories for securing your shade sails. You could get such accessories easily from a hardware supplier. Such accessories include sire, thick and strong rope and chain for extending the corner of your shade sail to a point of fixing.

Decision of height and length

There may be the requirement for additional posts. In such a case, you should take assistance from a local timber supplier. The length of the posts must be calculated as per the proposed height of your shade sails adding it with the depth of your footings.

Tight and secure installation

At the time of installation, you should connect the fixing accessories to mounting points and make sure that all the connections are facing towards the mid area of the sail in a tight and secure manner. You have to cross check that all the mounting points are safe and solid. After laying your sail out, you have to begin installation. When your shade sails are designed in a manner that they can offer safeguarding against UV rays and comfort, you have to ensure that all the fixing points are perfect and that the fittings are tight and secure.

Periodically Checking

You have to carry on inspection on a regular basis. Installation of shade sails should remain incomplete without care and maintenance. These need to be maintained so that they can perform well. Cleaning with a solution of mild detergent and water and applying the same with a sponge can keep the sun shade canopy sails in good condition.

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