Family Camping Secrets

Can you still remember wonderful time in your childhood? Some of my fondest memories of childhood were family camping trips. How I wanna look back to those times with fondness.

Camping is a great way to build bonds and teach life’s great lessons. I hope to instill the love of the outdoors and teach them respect for our earth with my young kids.The world we live in is an awesome world to explore. There is not any better way to explore it than while camping. Do you agree with me?

And however, if you wanna spent more quality of time with your family or friends together, you have to pay attention to lot of the issues families. How many family camping secrets do you know?

The number one secret is flexibility. It is good to make plans but the fun part about camping is adventure.

Secondly, camping is it is extremely affordable. You do not need any expensive gear, such as unaffordable camping tent, sleeping bags, etc.

Thirdly, torches are very handy for midnight treks to the loo. Or when your little one loses their favourite doll at 3am. They are also great fun for night walks, spotting wildlife that would be hiding during the day.

Finally, keep in mind that, turn off your cell phones, lap tops, iPods, and all other electronics when you go camping in order for your safety.

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