Quictent teaching: choosing backpacking tents

As we know, backpacking is an exciting and wonderful experience. Before backpacking, please bring some useful camping gears. One of them is backpacking tent. Not all of tents include camping tents, pop up gazebo, marquee fit for backpacking.

How to choose a backpacking tent? Today, Quictent will give you some useful tips on it.

Tip 1 on how to choose a backpacking tent: Budget and Journey

Actually, the range of backpacking tent price is wide indeed. Please consider how long about your backpacking and your budget. If you are going to challenge a long distance backpacking, please choose certain high quality and comfortable backpacking tent. That is to say, the price may be not cheap. Generally speaking, you could choose a backpacking tent according to your situation.

Tip 2 on how to choose a backpacking tent: Size and Space

How many people will be traveling with you? The number of people you could count in advanced. If there are just less than 3 people will come with you, maybe a lightweight backpacking tent is the best choice; while for more than 3 person, you should consider the deluxe camping tents for providing more space for each person.

Please know clearly about your partner and your height. If your average height is about 5-6 feet, maybe you need to choose large deluxe family camping tents, or you will feel unease in a small or short tent. Of course, if you plan on a solo travel, you will feel much easier.

Last, but not least, we talk the price and quality. All of us, as a customer, we all want to buy a good quality product at a best price. Travel equipments or camping tents are not an exception. During choosing your Backpacking Tents, you should consider whether it is durable to use. Whether it is within your budget? Whether it is easy to set up and fold down. When you ask yourself these questions before make the order, I am sure you will get an ideal backpacking tent, and your camping tents travel will be exciting.

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