Three Tips to Maintain Your Canopy Tent

No matter you have a pop up gazebo tent, a wonderful marquee or a portable garage, there are regular maintaining instructions for all of them. Cleaning, checking, and fixing obvious defects in the tent fabric and hardware as well as tent sets up and takes down. It also includes communicating with customers about where the tent will be set, potential obstructions like overhead wires as well as possible temperature changes. Even proper maintenance of your vehicles used to deliver and install the tent is important.

Following are helpful tips on how to care for your pole tent in order to achieve the longest life possible.

1Don’t get it dirty

That is easier said than done but a good starting point. If possible, always have a drop cloth available and keep the vinyl dry. If you do get it dirty we recommend spreading the tent out on grass, get wide nylon bristle brooms, take your shoes off, spread non concentrated laundry detergent out, add water and get to work. That will take most of the dirt off. You can experiment with different spot cleaners for bad areas. Always test small area first.
Check and repair damage or defects

While taking your tent down it is critical to check for moisture. Water and wind are your worst enemies. Mold-resistant fabrics have helped reduce the concern of ruining your beautiful wedding quality event tent, but there are no guarantees with this technology. Over time, it is likely that some of your older tents may not be as “mold resistant”.

After every tent has been taken down and the tent top/sidewall vinyl has been inspected, it is important to check all of the poles/hardware as well. Patch rips, cuts and tears before they expand and cause further damage. With your hardware, especially hardware that touches the vinyl, wipe it clean before use to protect the vinyl from staining. All webbing, stitches, seams, steel rings and snap hooks should be checked to make sure they are in good working order. Stakes should be straight and ropes or truckers ratchets should be in good condition.
Proper storage

The best choice would be to have all of your tents placed on pallets and then up on some kind of “racking system”. This would allow air circulation between the tent bag and the floor and prevent moisture from getting into your tent bag and tent. You do not want your tent vinyl on the floor. It is very easy to pick up moisture and cause staining on the product. If you don’t have a “racking system” you would need to use a waterproof tarp on the floor and put the tents on top of it. Any tent that is taken down wet has to be properly dried before storing. Also, for canopy tent with side panels, it is important to not fold your sidewall in the same place every time. This will help extend their life.

Enjoy Nice Weather with Outdoor Sun Shades in Spring

Finally, spring comes back to us. Warm sunshine is shining your house. It’s high time to breathe fresh air outdoors. However it is not always a good idea to be sitting in the direct sunlight without some type of shade source. Don’t neglect the power UV rays from that can be harmful to your skin even in the spring. Protect yourself, your family, and guests from the effects of UV rays while outdoors. If your backyard comes without any outdoor sun shades, then the followings might be helpful.


Pop Up Gazebos

Add a more stable and sturdy shade source with a simple pop up gazebo. Whether you want to seek shelter from the sun or rain a pop up gazebo will give you the cover you need. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs perfectly. These canopies are heavier than a patio umbrella and they offer a larger coverage area. You will want to make sure that a canopy is anchored well during high winds so it does not incur damage or become a kite blowing through your yard. With a pop up gazebo tent you are not only getting a shade source for your deck or patio but a portable shelter that you can take on outings for shelter.

garden marquee

Garden Gazebos

Beautiful, Practical, and Portable! Enjoy a perfect afternoon relaxing in the shade under a garden gazebo in your lush garden. Adding a garden canopy not only adds a shade source to your deck or patio but it also will add to the overall feel of the outdoor space. Some garden gazebos feature screen sides that can tie back for an elegant look or untie to form an airy yet attractive barrier from the bugs. These gazebo tents are great for outdoor events or for everyday use. This type of gazebo tent can be temporary or leave it up for use through the whole season.

5m High Density Woven Shade Sails

Shade Sails

Just can’t find a shade source that will fit your deck or compliment your outdoor area, consider a Shade Sail. You can use just one or layer multiple shade sails to accommodate the area that you want to cover. Each shade sail is made from a breathable fabric that is specially treated so it will not to break down in the sun but will still offer you generous protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Shade sails are available in an array of sizes and colors so you can add create a unique look to your yard. Shade sail canopies are a very versatile and attractive way to provide that just right spot to relax and socialize with friends and family.

How to Remove Odor on Your Camping Tent

Spring is around the corner. Finally, we begin dusting off and unpacking your outdoor camping tents that have been stored-away all winter. When take actions, you’re likely to discover some foul odors or mildew smells emanating from your humble abode. The following tips will be helpful for you to get rid of the awful smell and return you a fresh one to use in the next days.

First, you need get a tote and fill it with clean water then add pine-sol in it. After that, you can place the tent, rain fly, tent poles, tent bag, stakes and stake bag in to the water, and leave them soak in the pine-sol solution for an hour or so. One hour is enough for the camping tent to absorb the aroma of the pine-sol solution, and then you will get a fresh smelling tent.

After the tent has soaked in the pine-sol solution for one hour, now you should take it out of the access water and reassemble the tent in your yard. Use water hose to pray the tent off and you should pay particular attention to the fabric on the bottom. Be sure it is thoroughly rinsed.

large family camping tent

The last step is to dry the camping tent. You should let the tent air dry both inside and outside. It’s important to wait until the tent and all the contents are fully dry before you pack it back up. Otherwise, the mildew will return. If you have a large family tent or multi-room tent, then you should wait patiently. If the weather is not good and you cannot dry the tent outside, you should place the tent in your garage or even inside your home or basement to let it dry. One thing you need to keep in mind is never dry your camping tent in a dryer because this could reduce the lifetime of the tent.

Finally, your camping tent has taken a complete shower and are ready to work for you. Enjoy your time right now.


Having a beautiful mansion is surely the dream of each and every one of us. Magnificent mansion laid down with a green lush garden and sparkling colored flowers popping out is a real dream home for everyone. After toiling their entire life, what more could anyone ask for than a regal mansion and a wonderful ambience to spend the beautiful days of his life. Yes, this is what we also want. We want you to enjoy the beautiful moments of your life. We also want to contribute to your lovely memories that you spend with your spouse, children and parents. Our motive of work is very simple and crystal clear. We aim to make your life and every moment in it a memorable one by gracing it with small, simple yet attractive and mind-etching products of ours.

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Want to find a builder for your dream home? Look for someone who can beautify your landscape first! Ranging over various ecstatic shapes, sizes and structures, these prompt to add intense grace and royalty to your family. Small friendly gathering or a family tea-party, it is always at your service. Want to enjoy a spectacular sun-bath, and our furniture will make your bath a bit more scorch and warm. These products are definitely going to mesmerize your moments too.  So hurry up to gather these wonderful items.

What Can You Do with Hammock in the Coming Summer?

Enjoy Hammock with Partner

Enjoy Hammock with Partner

All of us know that there is no other thing more relaxed than lying on a hammock and we should get a hammock no matter whether you have a garden or backyard. The summer is around the corner, I know many people don’t want to do anything in the hot days, especially in the hottest part of the day, most of them want to lie in the hammock to take a nap, drink a cold. Do you know any other things you can do with hammock in the summer, if you have no idea, we will give you answer by writing this post. Next, we will talk about those you can in this summer with your hammock.

1. Reading books

As known to all, reading on a garden hammock is a great way to exercise our minds and relax our body. Read some warm love stories, engaging detective novels, or some magazines, if your fabric hammock is enough big to hold a few people, you can gather your kids and read a stories together.

2. Listen to some music

No matter you are a country music fan or puck rock fan, you can enjoy some favorite music on your hammock in a sunny afternoon. If your hammock is a double garden hammock, just like this extra wide rope hammock, you can enjoy it with your spouse, it means you can listen to the same song with your love on the hammock, we have to admit that it also is a romantic thing.

3. Take a nap

Just like reading on hammock, everyone knows hammock is an ideal bed for afternoon nap. An afternoon nap can be real energy booster, why not get energy from your rope hammock?

4. Watch some TV or movies

Cotton Rope Hammock Chair Set with Stand

Cotton Rope Hammock Chair Set with Stand

Hammocks can be used outdoors or indoors, according to your needs and situation. For example, if you have a big bedroom, a hammock with stand or hammock chair with stand is an ideal choice, you can enjoy it at any time. So you can dim the lights, grab a movie, lay back and watch your favorite show. You also can enjoy hammock outdoors, such as, garden, backyard, decking, patio, etc, all of them are wonderful locations. According to your situation, whether you need a hammock stand, install it, and then enjoy it. Even if it is very hot, you still can hold your Ipad and watching some movies on the hammock, it is really agreeable.

5. Feel the cool breeze and experience nature

If you have some big trees in your garden or backyard, you can tie your hammock to those trees, then enjoy the cool breeze under the cool shade

6. Enjoy the hammock when camping If you are outdoor enthusiasts, I think you can’t miss the chance to have a totally relaxed camping by take a portable hammock. It is lightweight, also is easy to install and fold, you shouldn’t miss it. For some enthusiasts, they even try to have hammock camping, it also is a totally different camping.

7. Enjoy the sunbath

Enjoy sunbath

Enjoy sunbath

If you have a swimming pool, it is a wonderful idea to set your hammock up pool side, then you can stay out in the sun and catch some rays, then do some comfortably in a hammock for hours. Normally, people will place some loungers beside the pool, the hammock placed beside your pool will make your swimming pool perfect and different from others. By the way, you still need to apply some sunscreen to prevent UVA/UVB radiation, which concerns skin cancer, when you are enjoying sunbath beside your pool.

8. Watching the stars

Did you fascinated by the night sky and spend much time watching stars when you were a girl or boy? If you did, I think you still are willing to watching the stars now, let alone when you get a hammock designed for two adult, you can watching starts with lovely partner. Absolutely, you also can enjoy with your kids, you can tell stories, talk and laugh together.

9. Do nothing just relax yourself

We know that hammock is a great way to relax ourselves, when you get home from a long and tiring day’s work, I think you need something to relax yourself. Hammock is a great choice. You can do many things with your hammock in the summer, we just list some of them. Anyway, may you enjoy yourself with your hammock in this summer.

Buying Guide for Portable Garage Shoppers(II)

2.5m x 3m x 2.3m Portable Garage

2.5m x 3m x 2.3m Portable Garage

We talked about the size of portable garage in last post, we will talk about other aspects we should consider when we are shopping for garage.

Secondly, we have to consider what it made from, including, frames, covers, etc.

As known to all, the materials of garage tent concerns its durability, weight and cost, so it is essential that you should pay attention to them and choose the proper one.

1) Frames

Because portable carports are created with an emphasis on light-weight durability, most of garages are fitted with steel structure because of its remarkable resilience. When facing with portable garages in different brands and prices, the best way to figure out those better ones by comparing the diameter of steel made use of to construct the framework. Generally speaking, the bigger the diameter of steel tubes, the stronger and sturdier the garage tent will be.

2)  Covers

2.7m x 5.1m x 2.3m Portable Garage for Car

2.7m x 5.1m x 2.3m Portable Garage for Car

Normally, the covers of temporary garages are made from polyester or polyethylene, while polyethylene is the favoured material, just like portable garages from GardenMore are made from polyethylene, know more, you can visit: If you have some special requirement, for example, you also want to get a fire-resistant portable garage just like shopping a fire-resistant gazebo, you also should take it into consideration.

Thirdly, we have to take the budget into consideration.

We have talked about size and materials, we have to think about budget. I know many people think we should consider budget firstly, I don’t agree with it, because once you know much about their sizes, materials and the differences among them, you will know how much money you should spend on this temporary garage and get the one with high quality and can meet your needs.

Generally speaking, the prices of portable carports rang from brands, materials and sizes, take GardenMore as an example, the prices are range from £180 to £380, in different size, shapes, weights, diameter of steel tubes, etc, you just need to choose the one suit for you.

Anyway, with these instructions about portable garages and how to choose, may you get a perfect one for your vehicles.

Tips for Hammock Camping

Hammock Camping

Hammock Camping

Camping doesn’t always have to about tents. Instead, many intrepid campers are sleeping in comfortable and portable camping hammocks. Hammock offers a way to camp while making little environmental impact. It also can keep you warm, dry and bug-free in a hammock just like you are staying in a camping tent. Therefore, we will talk about hammock camping and offer some tips about it.

Why choose hammock camping?

As known to all, after a long time’s hard work, a well-planned camping trip can make us relaxed and recovery to energy, while a hammock can relax ourselves even if you don’t attend any outdoor activities, naturally, a camping with hammock can make you fully enjoy the relaxed environment brought by hammock and the beauty of the nature. For hammock camping enthusiasts enjoy the convenience, comfort and environmental sensitivity of their portable hammocks. Moreover, the hammock is easier to hang than the process of setting up a tent. Sleeping without rocks and roots poking them in the back is a source of enjoyment, too.

Where to locate your hammock?
Fabric Hammock for Camping

Fabric Hammock for Camping

Just like setting up a family camping tent in proper place, you also need to choose a proper place for your hammock. Generally speaking, you should choose those locations where you can safely hang the hammock, also making sure that hanging it will not damage trees or other natural features. Almost all of us know that we can hang the hammock between two trees, in fact, we also can hang hammock in a sturdy trail shelter. If there are no trees or shelters, you can use some types of rock climbing gear to hang the hammock, again being cautious not to damage the rocks.

How to sleep in your hammock?
Sleeping in Hammock

Sleeping in Hammock

Experienced hammock sleepers say that the best position in a hammock is to sleep on your back diagonally across the hammock, while sleeping on sides or stomachs is not a good idea, maybe it will make you very tired. By the way, don’t forget to take pillow with you, it will offer you extra comfort.

Avoiding cold, bugs and moisture

If camping in cold seasons, you need to place an “underquilt” on top of the hammock and under their bodies, then you can sleep in a sleeping bag on top of the uderquilt to stay warm. Choose a sit without wind as much as possible, this will reduce your heat loss. If camping in warm seasons, you may need to take something to provide protection from mosquitoes and bugs, nest for hammock is an ideal choice. In order to keep dry, you may need to hang a tarp over your portable hammock in an inverted V-shape, this tarp can keep rain, dew or snow from hitting you.

With these tips for hammock camping, why not try a hammock camping in this summer?

For DIY Enthusiasts:How to Sew a Tent or Marquee?

DIY Marquee for Outdoor Living Space

DIY Marquee for Outdoor Living Space

It comes to marquees for garden party or outdoor living space, most people will like to spend some time comparing different party tents then choose a perfect one suit for their need and budget, while for DIY enthusiasts, they like to do it themselves. Therefore, today’s post is written for DIYer, offer some instructions and tips about how to sew a tent for marquee.

At first, you have to think why you want to sew a marquee and what you plan to do with it, for example, if you want to make a garden shelter for your outdoor living space, you should measure the area of your yard where you want to create outdoor living space, you have to ensure you get the exact measurements and your marquee should be a little bigger than the size of your outdoor living space. While if you plan to DIY a party tent for your garden gathering or BBQ party, you should take the number of how many people attend your party at most time, just like you decide the size of your tent when you are shopping for a garden marquee.

Then you have to purchase those materials. You can go to a hardware store and purchase the necessary PVC pipes to form your desired shape, if you want to have a higher roof, you can purchase additional pipes.

Next, you begin to construct your PVC skeleton for the tent and measure the distance for the roof, don’t forget to leave more 6 inches for all edges to sew sliding pockets.

DIY Marquee or Party Tent

DIY Marquee or Party Tent

And then purchase the necessary fabric from a fabric store, or better yet, from a fabric clearance house. Remember to pay attention to the quality and features of the fabric, such as, waterproof, fireproof, tearproof, etc.

Press the edges around the tent in by 1/4-inch and sew all the way around.

Press the edges again, folding 3 inches in ward, then sew along the ends, staying as close as possible to the inside edges of the fabric.

After sewing, you have to feed the PVC pipes through the fabric and place the joints on the ends, then add the legs to your marquees.

We always find that those pop up gazebos look ugly, but some people have gorgeous garden gazebo, I think maybe they spend more time to find a perfect one or they handmade a unique marquee. Are you DIY enthusiasts? Do you want to have a perfect and unique party tent? If you are and you want to have, why not try to make a fantastic marquee?

Why Should You Buy a Hammock (II)?

Reading in a Hammock Chair

Reading in a Hammock Chair

We have mentioned first two benefits of hammocks in previous post, we will discuss other benifits today.

Improve blood circulation

When your body is lying independently without any artificial support, it experiences a better blood circulation. After a hard day’s work, a swing chair or swing hanging hammock relaxes your body and re-energizes you, while you also can use hammock chair in the morning to experience a pumped-up and energized body throughout the day.

Make you more focused and efficient

It is the most pleasant experience to reading a favorite novel lying in a hammock on a sunny afternoon. When you are reading in a hammock, you will found that you are more focused and efficient than reading in other places, it is true instead of visual illusion, because the swinging and spinning motion of the chair stimulates the cerebral cortex, which helps in focusing on the tasks in hand more attentively.

Relax yourself

Relax by Hammock

Relax by Hammock

Even if you are not office worker and don’t have back or neck pain, a hard day’s work makes you tired and exhausted, you just need to lie in a hammock and swing it for half an hour or longer, and your body will bounce back soon.

For whatever reason, physical cause or just relax your mood and sooth your soul, hammocks are one of the most worthy purchasing garden furniture, anyway, you should get one. You can check Quictent More Products and GardenMore Hommock and see if some hammock suit for you.

Why Should You Buy a Hammock (I)?

Chair Hammock With StandHow do you think of chair hammock or hammock and do you have a chair hammock in your garden or patio? If you don’t have chair hammock and don’t know much about hammock, this is a post for you, it will offer chair hammock’s benefits and why you should get a chair hammock. Now, let’s get started!

Hammocks and hammock chairs are very comforting, and both of them can be used as one of your garden furniture set and placed in garden or patio. You can use it for relaxing and enjoyment, you also can use it for decorating your veranda or balcony. Except decorating and enjoying, they also can keep or even improve your health. Next, we will talk about their benefits.

Relieve your neck pain

If you are office workers and working with computer all the day, you must feel neck hurts when get off work. If it continuously for a long time, there is no doubt that you will live with neck disease. However, a hammock chair can reduce your neck pain if you use it regularly, because hammock chair can relax the muscles and thereby healing the affected area, aligns the vertebrae of the body. If you spend 1- 2 hours enjoying the leisure time in a hammock everyday, this can reduce your neck pain and completely heal it in a span of couple of months.

Eases back pain

Relax Self by Hammock

Relax Self by Hammock 

We know that neck pain is always accompanied by back pain, if you are office worker and feel neck hurts, it is likely that your back also get hurts at the same time. Hammock swing chair also has the immediate obvious effect on back pain, because, we know that, hammocks and swing chairs adjust as per the shape of your body with ease, and this help to remove the pressure points and hence the body is relaxed and pain is reduced. If you consult a doctor about your back pain or neck pain, I think doctor will give you the same advice that use hammock or swing chair everyday and lie flat for an hour daily to relax and soothe the muscle of your body.

We just list first two benefits of hammock in this post, we will offer others in next post, so stay tuned!