Differences between Quictent SilvoxCT and SilvoxGM

Silvox®, adopting unique workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford, is owned and registered by Quictent. Silvox® fabric is lightproof, waterproof, UV-resistance and fire-resistance to some extent.

SilvoxCT and SilvoxGM are two main typical series of Quictent pop up gazebo. Some customers just cannot distinguish the differences between these two series. This article will focus on the difference of the frame structure and help you choose the right one.

Quictent SilvoxCT series is the flagship series among all pop up gazebo series. It covers all sizes and colors that we currently have. Pop up gazebos in this series have a pyramid roof supported by central pillar(s). This feature allows the raindrops to run off the cover without water pooling. Meanwhile, literally, this elegant pillar-support pyramid roofing design meets modern aesthetic needs. Two pairs of cross trusses sticking in the central pillar guarantee its stability and durability.

Drawing of SilvoxCT

Drawing of Quictent SilvoxCT

Quictent SilvoxGM series is currently only available in 3m x 3m and 3m x 6m. This series is more common and conventional, you can easily find similar ones in the market. Pop up gazebos in this series have a maximum height of 2.65m which supported by cross-beam. Compared to SilvoxCT series, it also have more headroom than SilvoxCT.

Quictent SilvoxGM

Drawing of Quictent SilvoxGM

Two series cater for people with different demands. You’ll always find the right pop up gazebo on Quictent.

Take Care of Your Camping Tent

The camping tent is the indispensable equipment when people camping outside. A nice camping tent not only can shelter us from the rain and wind, but also can protect us from the insects. Thus, we should take care of our camping tent for a comfortable camping experience.

After we use the camping tent, cleaning progress is very important which closely influence the lifespan of the tent and its service condition in the next use. Before packing up, we should clean the sand and dust of the fabric and wipe out the moisture from both sides. Put away your tent after it is completely dry. Otherwise, it will be very likely to become mildewed during storage. This point is very vital for protecting the tent’s fabric.

Besides, when you store the folded camping tent, you should mind not placing any heavy object it. The extra weight can cause permanent harm to the waterproof coating at the fold. Therefore, I suggest that people should use a carton to separately store the camping tent. In addition, you should air the tent at regular intervals. This way can prevent your tent from mildew and cohesion. Besides, when you clean your camping tent, it’s better to hand wash rather than using a machine. And the tent is not suitable to be washed in any detergent which may damage the waterproof coating.

Moreover, you must check the tent’s poles at regular intervals because the poles usually adopt metal materials. Thus, it is very easy rusty sometimes. So, if you want to avoid this trouble, you should wipe the poles and the cohesion in the dry towel. Meanwhile, don’t forget wipe your tent cloth.

Therefore, if you want your tent serves you well during camping, you must take care of it in daily life. So now it’s time for action.



A Brief Introduction of the Marquee

When the gathering frequently occurs, you must notice that the marquee is appearing in many occasions.

The birth of the marquee increases numerous possibilities of the outdoor activity, and promotes a newly concept of activity. Therefore, the purpose of using marquee based on your demands in creative and imaginative ways. Moreover, the spacious room of the marquee without any unnecessary poles can be fully used at most. Especially wedding marquee has already become the popular goods in the current market in its practical utility. Besides, you can add some elaborate decorations and charming elements into marquee to produce a striking visual effect.

Currently, most marquees adopt the high quality PE in the well function of waterproof and UV resistant. The material has the highly bearing capability and durable pulling ability. In addition, marquee has the easily set up system can service in many occasions. Therefore, marquee is suitable for professional exhibitions, expositions, parties, sport events, temporary warehouses and so on. In order to provide a good preparation for entertainment and exhibition, the marquee has designed some windows to have a bright light.

In the end, I hope this article help you understand the marquee better.

Quictent Silvox – The Ideal Fabric

Looking for a durable pop up gazebo that can be used in your important days? Maybe you feel puzzled when you are choosing from the great number of gazebos with different fabrics.

As the specialist in the outdoor shelter industry, we do not only sell products,  but also research and upgrade them. Quictent Silvox®, a newly and advanced fabric which adopted complicated workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford, is owned and registered by us. Quictent Silvox® have several features including durable in use, lightproof,  waterproof, UV-resistance and fire-resistance to some extent.

Based on the Silvox® fabric and other strict workmanship, Quictent pop up gazebo is the real 4-season pop up gazebo. To achieve that, we did our best to improve our products includig comprehensive workmanship against water and wind, flexible installation, heat reflection, easy to carry, set up and take down. You will never find a better one that can do the same as Quictent, and the price and quality both are fantastic.

With high quality and a variety of colors and sizes, Quictent Silvox® fabric can provide unlimited possibles for any situation. Whether you’re planning a wedding ceremony, backyard barbecue, school events, birthday party, sport event, art festivals, summer fete, or any special events. Quictent is always the first palce.



Having a beautiful mansion is surely the dream of each and every one of us. Magnificent mansion laid down with a green lush garden and sparkling colored flowers popping out is a real dream home for everyone. After toiling their entire life, what more could anyone ask for than a regal mansion and a wonderful ambience to spend the beautiful days of his life. Yes, this is what we also want. We want you to enjoy the beautiful moments of your life. We also want to contribute to your lovely memories that you spend with your spouse, children and parents. Our motive of work is very simple and crystal clear. We aim to make your life and every moment in it a memorable one by gracing it with small, simple yet attractive and mind-etching products of ours.

Our goods include the very comfortable and relaxing garden tent, gazebos, marquee, portable garage and many such fascinating yet wallet friendly goods. It is their immense beauty and wonder which has kept our clients happy and made us happier. Their extremely positive response signifies the impact of our goods. We are launching our new product named as fruit press. These are probably the most loved and in demand appliance needed in the kitchen. Healthy juice is the sole diet for a longer living and it is only possible with the help of fruit press to live a healthiest and stronger life.

Ranging over the various price ranges and fascinating colours and simplified models, these are the souls of the kitchen. They are made up of tough materials, stainless. They are found in fancy colors and ecstatic looks which are adorable to the house. Operation is simple and the fruit juice is ready within minutes.  Garden tent is another product that is the most relaxing yet comfortable product for everyone. The kingly garden tents add a beauty to the outside ambiance of the home. It is a real meeting point of all the member of our home. It is found in different sizes, shapes ranging over the wide spectrum of magnetic colors. Made of good quality cloth which doesn’t get damaged easily, they have high resilience. An elegant reflection of supremacy, aristocracy and nobility, these serve as the boost to the status. Besides using it in your garden, it can also be used in the areas near the water bodies like lagoons, pools, etc due to their water flexibility. We are presenting our dignified collection of gardening furniture. Water resistant, heat resistant and also resilient to fungus, these are made of the best quality of woods.

Want to find a builder for your dream home? Look for someone who can beautify your landscape first! Ranging over various ecstatic shapes, sizes and structures, these prompt to add intense grace and royalty to your family. Small friendly gathering or a family tea-party, it is always at your service. Want to enjoy a spectacular sun-bath, and our furniture will make your bath a bit more scorch and warm. These products are definitely going to mesmerize your moments too.  So hurry up to gather these wonderful items.

Five Reasons Not To Hire Marquee for Wedding

Quictent Wedding Marquee

Have you ever attended a marquee wedding? Most of my friends who had such experience told me that they are more likely to hold a marquee wedding of their own! As someone who survived from a whole mess of marquee stuffs, I’d like to tell everyone do NOT hire a marquee for wedding.

1. Brand New VS. Used

This is the most obvious reason not to hire a marquee. Most marquee of the rental company is used more than once, unless you are lucky enough to get a less-used or a new one. This means the marquee you get may looks crumpled, and it may have food stain on the sides, what’s more, it may have little holes or even scratches.

2. D.I.Y. Free

When hire a marquee, you are not completely free to DIY, especially when you want to do some unrecoverable changes to the marquee. Put on linings and add decorations is just too normal these days. I attend one of my friend’s wedding last month, the fiance was so creative that he drew their self-portrait in cartoon on the marquee sides with mark pen.

3. Cost

Most of people have the wrong idea on the cost of hiring a maruqee comparing to buying one. They believed that hire a marquee  is much cheaper than buying one. But when I surfing the internet, it’s clear that there’re marquees for sale at a cheaper price than hiring one.

4.  Responsibility for Damage and Stain

Like I said in the first point, the disadvantages are just generated by the hirer themselves. And it’s hard to avoid. The rental company may ask you for extra cleaning fee or unreasonable compensation for damage. I heard lots of stories in various version…

 5. Future Convenience

Why not having a marquee rather than hiring one at the same price! Keep the marquee for future use, it’s not likely you just have one party in your whole life, right? And for some small marquee like 4m x 6m or 4m x 8m, why not use as a garage tent while it not in use for party?

Quictent has a wide selection of marquees from 3m x 3m to 6m x 12m at a very reasonable price. All comes with 15 months warranty. Save up to 40% this summer and use this Quictent coupon code: Happy8uy in the checkout process to enjoy more 5% dicount!

What Can You Do with Hammock in the Coming Summer?

Enjoy Hammock with Partner

Enjoy Hammock with Partner

All of us know that there is no other thing more relaxed than lying on a hammock and we should get a hammock no matter whether you have a garden or backyard. The summer is around the corner, I know many people don’t want to do anything in the hot days, especially in the hottest part of the day, most of them want to lie in the hammock to take a nap, drink a cold. Do you know any other things you can do with hammock in the summer, if you have no idea, we will give you answer by writing this post. Next, we will talk about those you can in this summer with your hammock.

1. Reading books

As known to all, reading on a garden hammock is a great way to exercise our minds and relax our body. Read some warm love stories, engaging detective novels, or some magazines, if your fabric hammock is enough big to hold a few people, you can gather your kids and read a stories together.

2. Listen to some music

No matter you are a country music fan or puck rock fan, you can enjoy some favorite music on your hammock in a sunny afternoon. If your hammock is a double garden hammock, just like this extra wide rope hammock, you can enjoy it with your spouse, it means you can listen to the same song with your love on the hammock, we have to admit that it also is a romantic thing.

3. Take a nap

Just like reading on hammock, everyone knows hammock is an ideal bed for afternoon nap. An afternoon nap can be real energy booster, why not get energy from your rope hammock?

4. Watch some TV or movies

Cotton Rope Hammock Chair Set with Stand

Cotton Rope Hammock Chair Set with Stand

Hammocks can be used outdoors or indoors, according to your needs and situation. For example, if you have a big bedroom, a hammock with stand or hammock chair with stand is an ideal choice, you can enjoy it at any time. So you can dim the lights, grab a movie, lay back and watch your favorite show. You also can enjoy hammock outdoors, such as, garden, backyard, decking, patio, etc, all of them are wonderful locations. According to your situation, whether you need a hammock stand, install it, and then enjoy it. Even if it is very hot, you still can hold your Ipad and watching some movies on the hammock, it is really agreeable.

5. Feel the cool breeze and experience nature

If you have some big trees in your garden or backyard, you can tie your hammock to those trees, then enjoy the cool breeze under the cool shade

6. Enjoy the hammock when camping If you are outdoor enthusiasts, I think you can’t miss the chance to have a totally relaxed camping by take a portable hammock. It is lightweight, also is easy to install and fold, you shouldn’t miss it. For some enthusiasts, they even try to have hammock camping, it also is a totally different camping.

7. Enjoy the sunbath

Enjoy sunbath

Enjoy sunbath

If you have a swimming pool, it is a wonderful idea to set your hammock up pool side, then you can stay out in the sun and catch some rays, then do some comfortably in a hammock for hours. Normally, people will place some loungers beside the pool, the hammock placed beside your pool will make your swimming pool perfect and different from others. By the way, you still need to apply some sunscreen to prevent UVA/UVB radiation, which concerns skin cancer, when you are enjoying sunbath beside your pool.

8. Watching the stars

Did you fascinated by the night sky and spend much time watching stars when you were a girl or boy? If you did, I think you still are willing to watching the stars now, let alone when you get a hammock designed for two adult, you can watching starts with lovely partner. Absolutely, you also can enjoy with your kids, you can tell stories, talk and laugh together.

9. Do nothing just relax yourself

We know that hammock is a great way to relax ourselves, when you get home from a long and tiring day’s work, I think you need something to relax yourself. Hammock is a great choice. You can do many things with your hammock in the summer, we just list some of them. Anyway, may you enjoy yourself with your hammock in this summer.

Outdoor Shelters Common and Uncommon Usages

canopy with no sidesSummer in the UK is hit and miss, and the sun only turns up once in a while, when it feels like it, whereas clouds and rain are omnipresent. The following is a basic checklist to prepare your home for summer.

Outdoor shelters play a vital role in the setting up of a property for residence. The outdoor shelter is not just for a makeshift garage, and has several other uses. In effect, the number of uses for the outdoor shelter makes it one of the most multiuse home accessories.

Here are some another ways in which you can use an outdoor shelter that you seldom find.

If you have little kids and toddlers in the house, and wish to provide them an outdoor space to give them some outside time in the garden, however want to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat, the garden shelter is a nice choice. You can create a small play centre in an outdoors area and let them have the time of their lives under the sun, but still shielded from it.

Besides, do you need to protect your car from the hot sun in the hot summer however don’t have a carport garage? A portable shelter is the perfect solution. It does not take up much space, it is easy to assemble, and it will provide your car with the shade to keep it cool.

You can use an outdoor shelter as covering if you have a garden, and have plants and saplings that cannot withstand a lot of rain during the monsoon season. And if you have a pool, you can use a larger tent and set it up above the pool, which will help you to keep away aerial impurities like bird droppings, leaves and flowers from falling into the pool.

garden canopy tent

Moreover, when you are having a party outside and not sure that you can count on the weather to cooperate? Use a portable gazebo to protect your food, your equipment and your guests from the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

When going camping and don’t want to spend all your time in an enclosed tent? A portable tent is easy and quick to set up and can serve as an outdoor dining or sitting area.

Beyond that, you can also use the outdoor garden shelter for a pet shelter, at least a temporary one.

Outdoor shelters contain pop up gazebos, garden marquees and shade sails. No matter which one do you prefer to choose, come to http://www.quictents.co.uk/.

Several Ways to Use Garden Gazebo in Your Garden

The summer is around the corner, many housewives are busy decorating their garden. Absolutely, there are many ways to decorate garden for summer, such as, add water feature; place some leisure facilities, maybe garden hammocks, massage tables; or add beauty by flexible using garden gazebos.

The garden gazebo is really a thing of beauty, it has been recognized that within the previous kings and queens had enjoyed gazebos within their royal gardens, establishing a trend of garden gazebo for history’s wealthy and well-known.

Garden gazebos are perfectly suit for any garden, patio, decking or backyard. Get a heavy duty gazebo to any house is a really a wise step, there are also many ways to use gazebo in your garden to add beauty, we will talked about them in detailed.

1. Use a garden gazebo to produce a division in between parts of the garden or backyard.

Making Outdoor Living Room with Garden Gazebo

Making Outdoor Living Room with Garden Gazebo

Some family creates an outdoor living room or kids playing room in the garden or backyard by adding a garden gazebo, both of them are successful examples. About what you should build with heavy duty pop up gazebo, outdoor living room or kids’ play house? It totally depends on your needs.

2. Pop up canopies with no sides is used as the shelter for summer leisure facilities, such as, hammock, massage tables

Garden gazebo for Massage

Garden gazebo for Massage

After a long and tiring day’s work, it is a great idea to relax ourselves by enjoying the hammock or massage table or chair after work, for some facilities designed for two adults, you can enjoy it with your spouse, just like this extra wide hammock with pillow, which is perfectly suit for couples.

If you want to use portable gazebo to offer shade when you are enjoying the hammock, it required that your hammock should fitted with stand, just like this rope hammock with stand. If you have a wooden gazebo, there is no doubt that you can tie the hammock to the legs for gazebo.

3. Used as the shelter of garden activities or parties

Garden Gazebo for Garden Activities

Garden Gazebo for Garden Activities

If you want to hold some garden activities in your garden, a metal gazebo can offer you and your guests a good shade and you can carefreely serve your guest under its proof. If you plan to use pop up gazebo on some special occasion, you need to decorate it according to the theme of your party or gathering.

Absolutely, you also can have other ways to use garden gazebo in your garden or backyard, you can tell us by leaving a comment.

Quictent Top 10 Best Sellers In May, until 12th, May

Top 1

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Green

Top 2

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Silvery

Top 3

Decagonal 9m x 6.5m X-Large Elegant Marquee

Top 4

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – White

Top 5

3m x 3m Anti-UV Pop Up Gazebo – Navy Blue

Top 6

5m High Density Woven Shade Sails – Triangle

Top 7

3m x 3m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Navy Blue

Top 8

8 Man 5 Room Large Family Tent for Camping

Top 9

3m x 6m Pyramid Pop Up Gazebo – White

Top 10

2.5m x 2.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Green