Five Tips for Sun Shade Sail Installation?

Shade sail installation is thought of as a careful work for your normal use in the future. Before you take your first step, you need to confirm with local authorities regarding the regulations. Also, it is also necessary to check with the utility companies for an underground service. After all, digging holes would be required for the support of the posts. Here are five tips for sun shade sail installation and make you benefit more from the item you invest.

shade sail

Mounting points

You may find that some of such fixing points exist already. These include fence post, large tree, pergola or a fascia. But if such fixing points are not there then you have to install posts. You should ideally allow a space on every side of the sail between the mounting point and the sail’s corner which would ideally be around 10% of the length of the sail. If this measurement is maintained then there can be enough space for material stretch, mounting of hardware and sail tensioning. On each side this has to be done so that it can be ensured that there is ample space for sail tension. If you feel like, you could obtain expert advice from an engineer or a builder.

Accessories needs

One would get ample help from a huge array of fixing accessories for securing your shade sails. You could get such accessories easily from a hardware supplier. Such accessories include sire, thick and strong rope and chain for extending the corner of your shade sail to a point of fixing.

Decision of height and length

There may be the requirement for additional posts. In such a case, you should take assistance from a local timber supplier. The length of the posts must be calculated as per the proposed height of your shade sails adding it with the depth of your footings.

Tight and secure installation

At the time of installation, you should connect the fixing accessories to mounting points and make sure that all the connections are facing towards the mid area of the sail in a tight and secure manner. You have to cross check that all the mounting points are safe and solid. After laying your sail out, you have to begin installation. When your shade sails are designed in a manner that they can offer safeguarding against UV rays and comfort, you have to ensure that all the fixing points are perfect and that the fittings are tight and secure.

Periodically Checking

You have to carry on inspection on a regular basis. Installation of shade sails should remain incomplete without care and maintenance. These need to be maintained so that they can perform well. Cleaning with a solution of mild detergent and water and applying the same with a sponge can keep the sun shade canopy sails in good condition.

How Many Lights Should I Invest on My Grow Tents?

As we all know, grow lights play an important role in your grow room tent. However, how many grow lights do you need on earth? We are here to make it clear for you.

If you are new grower looking to produce your own fruit and vegetables, make sure how many grow lights tent to be more essential. It can take a long time for a new grower to find a great grow room setup and it usually comes after you have learned by doing. The amount of lights you use depends on the size of your grow room, the amount of plants you are growing and the power of the lights you purchase.

On the one hand, the higher the wattage on your lighting system will usually result in a higher yield. For example, a 400w system usually grows 4 or 5 plants in medium, 2 gallon, sized containers where as a 1000w setup could hold almost double the plants in larger 4 or 5 gallon containers.


On the other hand, it is important to know that the higher price of a high watt system isn’t the only cost. More powerful lights means more heat generated and having a hot grow room could badly affect your crops. If your grow room budget allows you to purchase a high powered lighting system, be ready for the extra cost that comes with cooling your grow room down.

If you cannot afford 1000w lighting, don’t worry because a 400 or 600 watt lighting system still provides efficient lighting with reduced heat. However if you do have the money to purchase both powerful lights and a method to reduce the heat, it is more likely you will have a larger and better yield.

For the best temperature for a grow room, it is around 21 – 23 degrees. If you purchase powerful lights without a cooling system in place and the temperature gets too high, the quality of the fruit and vegetables produced in the environment will be lacking. Always keep the lights within your grow room a couple of feet away from the plants otherwise they could be seriously damaged. A good way to determine if your lights are too close to your plants is to place your hand on the tops of the crop and if you feel the heat, the lights are too close.

With these basic tips for lighting within your grow room, it should be a little simpler when it comes to setting up.  If you are new grower in grow tent gardening, the above knowledge of lighting will be helpful.

Three Tips to Maintain Your Canopy Tent

No matter you have a pop up gazebo tent, a wonderful marquee or a portable garage, there are regular maintaining instructions for all of them. Cleaning, checking, and fixing obvious defects in the tent fabric and hardware as well as tent sets up and takes down. It also includes communicating with customers about where the tent will be set, potential obstructions like overhead wires as well as possible temperature changes. Even proper maintenance of your vehicles used to deliver and install the tent is important.

Following are helpful tips on how to care for your pole tent in order to achieve the longest life possible.

1Don’t get it dirty

That is easier said than done but a good starting point. If possible, always have a drop cloth available and keep the vinyl dry. If you do get it dirty we recommend spreading the tent out on grass, get wide nylon bristle brooms, take your shoes off, spread non concentrated laundry detergent out, add water and get to work. That will take most of the dirt off. You can experiment with different spot cleaners for bad areas. Always test small area first.
Check and repair damage or defects

While taking your tent down it is critical to check for moisture. Water and wind are your worst enemies. Mold-resistant fabrics have helped reduce the concern of ruining your beautiful wedding quality event tent, but there are no guarantees with this technology. Over time, it is likely that some of your older tents may not be as “mold resistant”.

After every tent has been taken down and the tent top/sidewall vinyl has been inspected, it is important to check all of the poles/hardware as well. Patch rips, cuts and tears before they expand and cause further damage. With your hardware, especially hardware that touches the vinyl, wipe it clean before use to protect the vinyl from staining. All webbing, stitches, seams, steel rings and snap hooks should be checked to make sure they are in good working order. Stakes should be straight and ropes or truckers ratchets should be in good condition.
Proper storage

The best choice would be to have all of your tents placed on pallets and then up on some kind of “racking system”. This would allow air circulation between the tent bag and the floor and prevent moisture from getting into your tent bag and tent. You do not want your tent vinyl on the floor. It is very easy to pick up moisture and cause staining on the product. If you don’t have a “racking system” you would need to use a waterproof tarp on the floor and put the tents on top of it. Any tent that is taken down wet has to be properly dried before storing. Also, for canopy tent with side panels, it is important to not fold your sidewall in the same place every time. This will help extend their life.

Cleaning Your Portable Greenhouse in Spring

Like anything else, portable greenhouses that help you grow plants also need extra care. Good care for them can guarantee your plants grow up as healthy as possible. Keeping your portable greenhouse clean will help keep insects out that might feed on your lovely plants and ensuring plenty of sunlight to get through the plastic windows. Here are some tips to keep the greenhouse clean.

Cleaning now

It is always easiest to tackle the cleaning mission when there are few plants in your backyard greenhouse. And the spring is the best time to get started. If you intent to use chemicals to clear your portable greenhouse, try to move all your plants outside is a must to prevent damages by chemicals. Please make sure the whole of your plastic cover is clean and remember there are two sides. Remove any moss or algae that has built up on the cover. You can use a plastic scarper or other tool to remove it but be careful not to damage the plastic cover. If your greenhouse uses electricity, you will want to cover all of the electrical sockets to ensure that they do not get water in them.

3m x 6m Polytunnel Greenhouse

Breezy days

A Whole cleaning project needs a breezy day. If you plant to clean backyard greenhouse this day, it should be a sunny day with low humility. Once you finish the clearance work, the breeze and dry weather will be great of help to dry out greenhouse. And then you can move your plants in as soon as possible. You are recommended to close the plastic windows after the portable greenhouse gets totally dry. In this way, the chances of mold and insect infestation are effectively lowered.

Keeping your backyard greenhouse clean is going to be easier when you know how to do it. Knowing the right times of the year and planning for the outside weather is essential for getting the job done correctly. Enjoy your greenhouse gardening.

How to Choose a Pop up Gazebo Tent with Perfect Size for Your Need

When you are going to decide to buy pop up gazebo tents with great size that you need, there are plenty of elements you should take into consideration. What stands the most important part is the space you own to install the gazebo tent. Definitely, you can’t invest on a pop up gazebo tent which is bigger than the area you have. For the next step, you are ought to think about how many people your gazebo tent need to accommodate.

If you are planning a gathering like standing style without tables or other furnishings, you will just need about 10 to 12 sq. ft per person.

If you are scheduling a meal or an event with other furnish, you might need think about much more about it. The followings are two instructions for different types of events.

10x15 pop up gazebo tent

Speech style seating

This type of event needs 5 to 6 sq. ft per chair. It can guarantee a comfortable space for each one of your guests without crowd.

Sit-down meals

To present a cozy environment to enjoy tasty food, you may be required to offer 12 sq. ft per person. What’s more, additional space for mingling or servers is a must.

When you are choosing gazebo tent with right size for your event, please make sure that you take all furnishings, equipment and staff into account besides all guests. Frankly speaking, it is always a wise decision to purchase a pop up gazebo tent with bigger size than you really need. This can be helpful to cover unexpected guests or other unforeseen needs.

And now you’d better do some homework to ensure you are making right decision on the right size. After all, nobody wants to see the embarrassing situation that your guests look at each other in consternation without enough space. Hopefully, all above can be a good tip for your to choose your best pop up gazebo tent and have a perfect gathering.

Enjoy Nice Weather with Outdoor Sun Shades in Spring

Finally, spring comes back to us. Warm sunshine is shining your house. It’s high time to breathe fresh air outdoors. However it is not always a good idea to be sitting in the direct sunlight without some type of shade source. Don’t neglect the power UV rays from that can be harmful to your skin even in the spring. Protect yourself, your family, and guests from the effects of UV rays while outdoors. If your backyard comes without any outdoor sun shades, then the followings might be helpful.


Pop Up Gazebos

Add a more stable and sturdy shade source with a simple pop up gazebo. Whether you want to seek shelter from the sun or rain a pop up gazebo will give you the cover you need. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs perfectly. These canopies are heavier than a patio umbrella and they offer a larger coverage area. You will want to make sure that a canopy is anchored well during high winds so it does not incur damage or become a kite blowing through your yard. With a pop up gazebo tent you are not only getting a shade source for your deck or patio but a portable shelter that you can take on outings for shelter.

garden marquee

Garden Gazebos

Beautiful, Practical, and Portable! Enjoy a perfect afternoon relaxing in the shade under a garden gazebo in your lush garden. Adding a garden canopy not only adds a shade source to your deck or patio but it also will add to the overall feel of the outdoor space. Some garden gazebos feature screen sides that can tie back for an elegant look or untie to form an airy yet attractive barrier from the bugs. These gazebo tents are great for outdoor events or for everyday use. This type of gazebo tent can be temporary or leave it up for use through the whole season.

5m High Density Woven Shade Sails

Shade Sails

Just can’t find a shade source that will fit your deck or compliment your outdoor area, consider a Shade Sail. You can use just one or layer multiple shade sails to accommodate the area that you want to cover. Each shade sail is made from a breathable fabric that is specially treated so it will not to break down in the sun but will still offer you generous protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Shade sails are available in an array of sizes and colors so you can add create a unique look to your yard. Shade sail canopies are a very versatile and attractive way to provide that just right spot to relax and socialize with friends and family.

General Tips for Camping with Family Outdoors

Winter is finally over. The weather is getting nice and it is time for all of us to have some outdoor activities, such as a family camping. Of course, there are a multitude of tips and tricks to follow for a safe camping. Also, these tips allow your time spent camping to be more relaxing and enjoyable.

Family Camping Tents

The camping tent is the focal point of most camping trips. If you’re a beginning camper, there are a couple of different tent tips to remember. First and foremost, practice pitching your camping tent before you head to the campsite. Being able to do it quickly and effectively is extremely valuable. When looking for a place to set up, always look for a “natural bed” of soft, flat soil – but avoid the bottom of hills or valleys. Finally, always set up a tarp below your tent to avoid potential damage or water-logging.

Three Basic Camping Tips

Campers can also benefit from a few non-specific outdoor principles. Rule number one, no matter the time of year, is to dress in (or at least carry) layers. It’s the easiest and most effective way to control your body temperature. Secondly, learn how to use a GPS or map and compass. No matter how familiar you are with a certain wooded area, getting lost among acres of similar-looking trees is very easy. Finally, practice basic outdoor skills such using and sharpening a utility knife, tying various knots, and building a fire. It’s this knowledge that separates the amateurs from the seasoned campers.

camping shower

Gift for Camping

This year is the sixth year of Quictent, which is our common happiness. To feed back constant supports and trust of our honored customers, we are celebrating the birthday party all year around. And in Feb 1st to May 31st, we provide free portable camp shower along with every order of camping tent. This gift can add a score for your perfect camping.

How to Remove Odor on Your Camping Tent

Spring is around the corner. Finally, we begin dusting off and unpacking your outdoor camping tents that have been stored-away all winter. When take actions, you’re likely to discover some foul odors or mildew smells emanating from your humble abode. The following tips will be helpful for you to get rid of the awful smell and return you a fresh one to use in the next days.

First, you need get a tote and fill it with clean water then add pine-sol in it. After that, you can place the tent, rain fly, tent poles, tent bag, stakes and stake bag in to the water, and leave them soak in the pine-sol solution for an hour or so. One hour is enough for the camping tent to absorb the aroma of the pine-sol solution, and then you will get a fresh smelling tent.

After the tent has soaked in the pine-sol solution for one hour, now you should take it out of the access water and reassemble the tent in your yard. Use water hose to pray the tent off and you should pay particular attention to the fabric on the bottom. Be sure it is thoroughly rinsed.

large family camping tent

The last step is to dry the camping tent. You should let the tent air dry both inside and outside. It’s important to wait until the tent and all the contents are fully dry before you pack it back up. Otherwise, the mildew will return. If you have a large family tent or multi-room tent, then you should wait patiently. If the weather is not good and you cannot dry the tent outside, you should place the tent in your garage or even inside your home or basement to let it dry. One thing you need to keep in mind is never dry your camping tent in a dryer because this could reduce the lifetime of the tent.

Finally, your camping tent has taken a complete shower and are ready to work for you. Enjoy your time right now.

Perfect Trade Show with the Help of Pop up Gazebo Tents

pop up gazebo tents for trade showTrade shows is a brilliant way to present your products to your clients, associates and competitors, increase your products’ exposure and then grow your business. Therefore, it needs professional and methodological arrangement to realize the business introduction and organization.

In addition to a great fellow, a specialty and all surrounding exhibited display area play an important role in contributing to your outcomes. Good promoting material, banners and pop up gazebo tents are necessities in the trade show.


Pop up canopy tents are commonly used by businesses at trade show. It is ingenious to install pop up gazebo tents in specific unit spaces which are assigned next to each other for every display area at trade shows. Our easy up gazebo tent comes with adjustable legs in three different heights, providing you demands to stand up among all your competitors and other kindred moderators. They are an excellent resource for a business at these meetings and are valuable for various reasons.

What’s more, our pop up gazebos are ideal to separate off your display area as we carry a large quantity of colors for your preference. And there are two types of our pop up gazebos including flat roof for more stabilities and pyramid roof for preventing water stagnation. They increase your corporation’s identification degree with the help of your designed banners and other decorations, conducting to gain your business awareness and target its objectives.


Weather never compromises to us no matter you are holding a major event. So if you are having a trade show outdoors, making a preparation for the weather elements is always well recommended for emergent cases. Most canopies of our pop up gazebos, except that white ones are made of waterproof polyester with PA coating, are adopting unique workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford. The special fabric is called Silvox which is registered and owned by Quictent. It is lightproof, waterproof and UV-resistance. And with pop up waterproof gazebo you’ll have no worries about the usual weather elements that get in the way of trade show.

Maintaining the Temperature inside Your Hydroponics Grow tent

Now you got a complete hydroponics ten grow kit, along with your carbon filters and fans as well as your seeds. It seems that everything needed is getting ready. A key step reaching to the flourish ending is to keep consistent temperature inside your hydroponics system. It is really essential because temperature inside is greatly influenced by changes of temperature and moisture outside. Definitely, temperature in daytime and nighttime also make a difference to that of internal environment. Therefore, it is high time for us to figure out some brilliant way to maintain our dream for ideal harvest.

A thermometer

May it sounds quite easy to prepare one, however, it is really an important tool to determine the sudden going up and down in external temperature as well as daytime and nighttime. Technically speaking, for internal temperature, the range of change should be under control within 10 to 15 degree Fahrenheit. What’s more, daytime readings are ought to be 70 to 75 F which is regarded as the best extent for growth and most produce.

Water Temperature in you water supply

You are required a floating water thermometer and leave it in there. And its readings should be around 10 degree lower than room temperature, contributing to adjust your hydroponics system inside. But if you have trouble with keeping the temperature of the water, a simple reservoir chiller or aquarium heater is a great addition.


Central air conditioner

So if you got enough place in your home to install an air conditioner in your home or install a central air in your grow tent, then attaching a thermostat to it and regulating the temperature ranges as discussed above will be a quick and easy improvement to your crops.

Change your light bulbs

This apparent suggest even are neglected by some experienced hydroponics gardener. What should be highlighted is the light coming from T5 fluorescent light bulbs are very effective to encourage your plants to grow.

Hope all above can be a release for you before you set up your hydroponics grow systems. And don’t worry, it is easier than it looks and you can enjoy your growing with less worries.