How to Remove Odor on Your Camping Tent

Spring is around the corner. Finally, we begin dusting off and unpacking your outdoor camping tents that have been stored-away all winter. When take actions, you’re likely to discover some foul odors or mildew smells emanating from your humble abode. The following tips will be helpful for you to get rid of the awful smell and return you a fresh one to use in the next days.

First, you need get a tote and fill it with clean water then add pine-sol in it. After that, you can place the tent, rain fly, tent poles, tent bag, stakes and stake bag in to the water, and leave them soak in the pine-sol solution for an hour or so. One hour is enough for the camping tent to absorb the aroma of the pine-sol solution, and then you will get a fresh smelling tent.

After the tent has soaked in the pine-sol solution for one hour, now you should take it out of the access water and reassemble the tent in your yard. Use water hose to pray the tent off and you should pay particular attention to the fabric on the bottom. Be sure it is thoroughly rinsed.

large family camping tent

The last step is to dry the camping tent. You should let the tent air dry both inside and outside. It’s important to wait until the tent and all the contents are fully dry before you pack it back up. Otherwise, the mildew will return. If you have a large family tent or multi-room tent, then you should wait patiently. If the weather is not good and you cannot dry the tent outside, you should place the tent in your garage or even inside your home or basement to let it dry. One thing you need to keep in mind is never dry your camping tent in a dryer because this could reduce the lifetime of the tent.

Finally, your camping tent has taken a complete shower and are ready to work for you. Enjoy your time right now.

Perfect Trade Show with the Help of Pop up Gazebo Tents

pop up gazebo tents for trade showTrade shows is a brilliant way to present your products to your clients, associates and competitors, increase your products’ exposure and then grow your business. Therefore, it needs professional and methodological arrangement to realize the business introduction and organization.

In addition to a great fellow, a specialty and all surrounding exhibited display area play an important role in contributing to your outcomes. Good promoting material, banners and pop up gazebo tents are necessities in the trade show.


Pop up canopy tents are commonly used by businesses at trade show. It is ingenious to install pop up gazebo tents in specific unit spaces which are assigned next to each other for every display area at trade shows. Our easy up gazebo tent comes with adjustable legs in three different heights, providing you demands to stand up among all your competitors and other kindred moderators. They are an excellent resource for a business at these meetings and are valuable for various reasons.

What’s more, our pop up gazebos are ideal to separate off your display area as we carry a large quantity of colors for your preference. And there are two types of our pop up gazebos including flat roof for more stabilities and pyramid roof for preventing water stagnation. They increase your corporation’s identification degree with the help of your designed banners and other decorations, conducting to gain your business awareness and target its objectives.


Weather never compromises to us no matter you are holding a major event. So if you are having a trade show outdoors, making a preparation for the weather elements is always well recommended for emergent cases. Most canopies of our pop up gazebos, except that white ones are made of waterproof polyester with PA coating, are adopting unique workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford. The special fabric is called Silvox which is registered and owned by Quictent. It is lightproof, waterproof and UV-resistance. And with pop up waterproof gazebo you’ll have no worries about the usual weather elements that get in the way of trade show.

Maintaining the Temperature inside Your Hydroponics Grow tent

Now you got a complete hydroponics ten grow kit, along with your carbon filters and fans as well as your seeds. It seems that everything needed is getting ready. A key step reaching to the flourish ending is to keep consistent temperature inside your hydroponics system. It is really essential because temperature inside is greatly influenced by changes of temperature and moisture outside. Definitely, temperature in daytime and nighttime also make a difference to that of internal environment. Therefore, it is high time for us to figure out some brilliant way to maintain our dream for ideal harvest.

A thermometer

May it sounds quite easy to prepare one, however, it is really an important tool to determine the sudden going up and down in external temperature as well as daytime and nighttime. Technically speaking, for internal temperature, the range of change should be under control within 10 to 15 degree Fahrenheit. What’s more, daytime readings are ought to be 70 to 75 F which is regarded as the best extent for growth and most produce.

Water Temperature in you water supply

You are required a floating water thermometer and leave it in there. And its readings should be around 10 degree lower than room temperature, contributing to adjust your hydroponics system inside. But if you have trouble with keeping the temperature of the water, a simple reservoir chiller or aquarium heater is a great addition.


Central air conditioner

So if you got enough place in your home to install an air conditioner in your home or install a central air in your grow tent, then attaching a thermostat to it and regulating the temperature ranges as discussed above will be a quick and easy improvement to your crops.

Change your light bulbs

This apparent suggest even are neglected by some experienced hydroponics gardener. What should be highlighted is the light coming from T5 fluorescent light bulbs are very effective to encourage your plants to grow.

Hope all above can be a release for you before you set up your hydroponics grow systems. And don’t worry, it is easier than it looks and you can enjoy your growing with less worries.

Easier Gardening with Portable Greenhouse

Nowadays, plenty of gardeners are falling in love with good designed removable greenhouses which are simple to build with off-the-peg parts, easy to install and inexpensive. If you are a gardener, the good garden kits really do you a favor in cultivating and planting.


Even though for a gardener who lives in the place with warm climate, their food supply in winter will makes a great change because of portable greenhouse. Meanwhile, you can get a better experience of growing itself in a pleasant way. A greenhouse offers a warm and cozy shelter for your corps by absorbing sun’s heat and eliminating drying wind. If you cultivate hardy corps in cool weather, you even don’t need to heat your greenhouse. And in the coming spring, you are going to obtain mature corps earlier than those cultivated without greenhouse and can transplant your your warm-weather tomatoes earlier in the year.

The ability to move a greenhouse from one place to another will ease the seasonal transition from winter to summer and back to winter for all of the crops covered by the greenhouse. You can leave it over summer crops, such as tomatoes, peppers and basil, to safeguard them from fall frosts and keep them producing longer. Then you can move the greenhouse to protect cold-hardy crops that you’ve planted nearby so you can enjoy them well into winter.


With a portable greenhouse, you get the positives of greenhouse growing, especially speaking of cold protection, while eliminating the negatives, such as the pest and disease buildup that can occur in soil that’s continuously covered. In addition, you increase the number of crops that can be sheltered by one greenhouse by covering plants only when they need protection.

Portable greenhouses enable your gardening to be more interesting and high-efficient. Quictent provide greenhouses with different dimensions for your options to build your own greenhouse and just like we said “Easy life, simple way.”

Party Tents Instruction for Your Perfect Party

There are plenty of things need to be taken into consideration if you intent to have an outdoor party. What really matters are your budge and location for your party. So we list this activity instruction regarding outdoor party tents to help you reach your goal.


Right location

It is important to choose a location for an outdoor gathering. You can occupy your backyard, find a local park or even consider the beach. The key is to select appropriate party tent to accommodate all your party stuff and your guests. Fortunately, Quictent has a range of marquees in different dimensions for your selection. Therefore, it is not that difficult to pick up one from

Proper budge

You should think about the budge when you invest on marquees. At the same time, you are supposed to take other things into account, such as chairs, tables and decoration kits. Furthermore, you’d better calculate how many people are involved and the scale of your party, which is beneficial to your determination of the party tents’ number you need purchase from us. Of course, combination of party tents in distinct size is brilliant.


Color and style

Once you make sure the size of your part tent, you need to get move on to see if you want some color or style. We provide a series of options for you to meet your different subjects. Also, you can choose from traditional quadrilateral tents like a 10 x 30 marquee, to hexagonal tents and decagonal tents. So it is out of question to find one for you particular demands.

Comfort for your guests

Quictent are born for customers’ comfort and happiness and we protect you from UV, sunshine, breeze and raindrops. This allows your guests and you can enjoy yourselves regardless of the weather elements. When you are making up your decision, please ensure you are investing one product that you are really in need of. If any questions bother you, please feel free to contact us. We can be helpful to give you some practical suggestions.

Buy Pop up Gazebo with Side Panels for New Year Party

2015 is fading away to make room for the coming 2016 to shine the world with brand-new atmosphere. Naturally, a fantastic reveling party is essential to welcome the New Year. Of course, at this time in every year, weather would never smile to you if you intend to have a party outdoors. Then why don’t you purchase a pop up gazebo with side panels in your garden to enjoy your gathering regardless of the drizzle?

It is quite easy to set up a temporary gazebo shelter in your garden. Since you’ve got complete kits for the instant gazebo, then the only thing you need to do is to push up the steel frame until it reaches the particular place to maintain its stability and make it lock the canopy appropriately. Once you have a pop up gazebo, your guests and you are perfectly protected by its “Pop up” safeguard. Now that the instant structure is set up outdoors, why not ornament it with decoration lighting and some lovely accessories that are full of party spirit? What’s more, you can also put tables, chairs and sheets in it to build up a resting hub with real meaning.

For a perfect garden party, a fire pit plays a dispensable role to keep your warmth and relaxing phenomenon. The fire heater can warm up not only your body but also your heart when you are enjoying in tasty beverages and delicious snacks. Here please make sure that your fire pit must be set up outside your canopy in case burnt material ruins your wonderful party even if your pop up gazebo canopy is fire-resistant.

Once the party is over, just take down your gazebo and put away. Flexible foldable design allows you take away the temporary shelter in only few minutes, so you even don’t need to spend time trying to take notes of instruction. Your pop up garden gazebo is capable of storing in almost any possible places such as your garage or down stairs cupboard. It lies peacefully there waiting for your next party or event. Don’t waste time for hesitation before it is not too late for your New Year party. Buy it now!

Buy Adjustable Pop up Gazebos with Side Panels

It comes to winter season that gives us a tip that Christmas and New Year are approaching. Naturally, a number of promotion sales and gathering parties are followed which are in need of an essential element called pop up gazebo tent. And Quictent is born to meet all your demands in this case.

Recent days, some customers are asking about what if the easy up tent is not high enough to allow their stuffs in while others are concerning what should they do when they intend to order a pop up canopy but are afraid of the limited place with a raised step in the way. Here, we reply to all of our dearest that our pop up gazebo is adjustable to fulfill your requirements.


For example, as you can see from the attached picture of a pole from our 3×6 pop up gazebo with side, it has three different heights including 1.8m, 1.9m and 2m. In other words, the maximum height you can walk in might be 2m while the minimum is 1.8m. Definitely, they are just the heights to side and the heights to top are respectively 2.45m, 2.55m and 2.65m. All these details are showed in specification on our product page for your convenience. So you can check the information of our other item in the same way. And now all you need to do is put the hook into the small hole in the leg to realize your different needs. Also, please make sure the stability of your tent when you are changing the heights. If you still have any other questions about items please feel free to let us know, which is much appreciated.


Maybe it is a little difficult to get one before Christmas but never too late for New Year. Don’t hesitate to tap order with your finger to get commercial pop up gazebos right now for realizing your delighted festivals.

Pop up Gazebo Working Best for Trade Activity

Pop up gazebos are with great help in almost any situation and they are regarded as a regular part of a range of functions for party planners. In community projects and festivals, commercial pop up gazebos serve pretty well for vendors as a display booth for service information booklet.

They work just like a simple office to present information for customers who get in. At job fairs, corporations utilize them as a spot for themselves to distinguish from others a few feet away, which keeps the independence and correspondence of every company in a regular way.

What should be highlighted is canopy’s function regarding a flea market. Sellers and buyers are well-separated by a temporary storefront. Each pop up gazebo represents a different section. And decorated sign or logos set on the outside play an effective role in advertising.

What’s more, they are not heavy and unwieldy as to be difficult for travel and require very little set-up time. Instead of connecting pieces, these open up and one secures them to their temporary location. During job fairs, use a instant gazebo that can fit a table and chairs on both sides. This gives one an opportunity to sit down and speak with possible candidates about the company and its openings. This is a more personal touch over just handing out fliers.

During a wedding reception that features a variety of foods, caterers may use the different tents to house treats. One pop up gazebo might have a custom sundae bar, while another one holds a portable bar and smoothie section. This provides something for adults and children attending the function. On sunny days, pop up beach shade shelter provide a place for friends and family to come back to after walking the beach or swimming. It is really a wonderful experience. Rather than searching for a space to sit, pop up gazebo tent readily identify which section everyone meets under.

December Feedback: Pop up Gazebo with Great Discounts

Hi there. As Christmas is around the corner, most sellers are involved in bargaining activity to feedback buyers. Similarly, we also never hesitate to show our gratitude to dear and respected customers. So we present a great feedback for all of you with sincere. We get All Pop up Gazebo in Red, Green and White with great discounts from 2m x 2m ez up tent to 6 x 3 pop up gazebo with sides.


Pop up Tents are a quick option for generous shade. Pop up Tents require very little effort as they rise, expand and align properly as you pull outward. Simply hold one of the tent’s legs and pull away from the others for sturdy yet simplified shelter.

Whiter pop up gazebo is made of 200g polyester with PA coating, providing simple but elegant beauty for you. The material is 100% waterproof. That is to say, you finally can say goodbye to the old slack one which always annoyed you when you meet unpredictable bad weather and other incidents.


Pop up tents in red and green are manufactured with Silvox fabric. Many customers are wondering about what kind material of it. Actually, Silvox®, owned and registered by Quictent is adopting unique workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford. Silvox® fabric is lightproof, waterproof, UV-resistance. What’s more, two type tents offer you selections for different preference. Easy up tent with pyramid roofing style is contemporary and avoid water stagnation while flat roof canopy demonstrate much stronger structure to be a good shelter. As our symbolic products, items of Silvox series really win a number of good reputations. This also indicates the truth that our items function well in deed.

The discount is already on. Please don’t refuse us and take action now. Warerproof pop up gazebo with sides are here to welcome your presence.

Recording Happy Moment with Pop up gazebo and Marquee

Happy time always passes quickly, so it is really precious. Black Friday bids us an abrupt Farewell while Cyber Monday says goodbye to us. But don’t worry, there are a series of other festivals are on their way to us. No matter what your event is, if you want it to stand out from the rest there is no better way to do this than with the use of some portable shade canopy  which can snap all our good memories. Pop up gazebos allow you to put your creativity skills to use because they allow a variety of ways to decorate them. You can choose the colors you want as well as the lighting so that it fits the mood you’d like to create. If you want to create an intimate setting, using low lights or Christmas lights and lanterns is a great way to do this.

Draping fabrics and using flowers and balloons are other great ways to decorate your tent. The arrangement of tables and chairs will also be up to you. You can add or subtract as needed depending on how many guests you are expecting.

Even the type and amount of pop up gazebos you use is in your hands. You can choose from canopy tents, marquees or even small pop up festival tents if you’re having a small event. You can use more than one canopy or have small canopies with one big canopy in the center as your event’s focal point. This allows your guests to go from one small tent to the next if they want to mingle with other guests. No matter what the environment or mood is that you want to create, the possibilities of using tents are endless. But one thing you’ll have for sure is an extraordinary event that your guests will remember. So pop up gazebo and marquee are our best buddies that witness our every joyful moment.